Welcome to me!

I only wore white eye-shadow. My venture into the makeup world was a troubled one, if not a complete train wreck for lack of a better word. My idea of a morning routine was using Cocoa butter Vaseline as a face moisturizer and proceeding to apply shimmery white eye-shadow onto my lids (I could not make this up if I tried). Woe to any inkling of definition or blending – I repeat, my idea of makeup was white eyeshadow. A rebellious best friend infatuated with eyeliner and foundation helped cure my lost soul – I still remember the first time I rubbed foundation between my fingers and smeared it onto my face. Wow, I thought, my skin is all the same color and not a single flaw was to be found, what kind of sorcery was this? Next came mascara, while the results were immediate, I feared it for a while and chose to dabble in eyeliner instead; a cat flick to pair with my shimmery white lids. Foundation was a luxury I could not afford to get away with and so my sister’s old broken body shop powder would suffice.

Flash forward almost 5 years and that young foundation-lusting girl was equipped with Giorgio Armani’s finest, the eyeliner upgraded to Stila and the mascara collection growing every day! Flash forward 3 years from that and here I am. A growing obsession with all things beauty related, I find myself wondering why it took me so long to do anything about it. My daily ritual consists of a morning skincare routine, a quick update with my YouTube subscriptions, followed by a catch up of Jaclyn Hill and Viviannadoesmakeup’s latest snapchat Mystories, followed by my own makeup routine to the background of an April Favorites video. As a fellow beauty lover, at this point you’re probably also beginning to question why it took me so long to start writing about beauty.

So here I am, a fresh graduate embracing this liminal phase of my life and choosing to pursue a passion rather than chase a salary. Beauty has always consumed my life, thriving on this constant pursuit of the next release, practically stalking the Sephora “ just arrived” section, and keeping up with my YouTube beauty vloggers to the point where I find myself refreshing and watching videos before they even get a chance to fill out the description box!  Through this introduction I’m sure my obsession with YouTube is growing clear, and so I want to use this blog as my take on a written version of a YouTube channel. Hopefully later expanding and growing into submissions to be posted on famous beauty blogs, I want to take this year and dedicate it to something that my life is already completely dedicated to. I’m beginning to ramble, as I do too often, so how about a clearer list of what to expect from me and why you should join my journey if this lists what you’re looking to learn about J


  1. Definitely monthly favorites, listing and describing the products I’ve been loving every month ( any fellow YouTuber addict can appreciate the joy such posts bring)
  2. Dupes, dupes, dupes! I have Pinterest to thank for this, the need to constantly find a cheaper or maybe just better alternative to cult favorites is realer than real!
  3. Product reviews, I pride myself on my astute ability to stay perfectly caught up on any and all new products and so I hope to try these all out and share my first impressions on them as well as my verdict after continued use!
  4. Updates on new releases! I have snapchat to thank for this, following all our cult favorite beauty vloggers which use the platform often to announce new collabs they are working on (let’s all take a moment to cry together over Jaclyn Hill’s latest champagne pop palette teasing snapchat!!!!!) You can always turn to this blog for updates on these teasers and predictions for the products to come!
  5. Innovative and creative new beauty blog posts, top 5’s with a twist etc.
  6. Product Empties; bringing you final reviews on products I’ve completely worked through and finished and whether I would repurchase or not
  7. Bonus: you can refer to my Instagram @catflicksandmattelips to find daily posts of my FOTD (face of the day) as well as occasional quick posts on products I’m loving!

I can confidently say I’ve never been so excited to embark on a new chapter of my life, beauty is a hobby as well as a passion to me; and I cannot wait to dedicate even more time to it!


Thank you so much for reading


Xoxo, CFML


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  1. Hi there, welcome to WordPress!! I wanted to thank you for following my blog and return the favor. I look forward to your posts, especially dupes 😉 Happy Blogging!! Steph

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  2. Great post, thanks for the like one of my posts much appreciated xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by mine xoxo

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  3. puddlesofinkk says:

    I adore your blog! Sorry for all the notifications, but I had to have a bit of a binge-read on all your posts! I can’t wait for more 😀


    1. Aww that’s really too sweet! Please come by whenever you want, the reason I started this blog was to be able to talk to people as beauty-obsessed as me haha. Thank you so much 💕💕

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  4. I have just staked your Instagram so bad 😂🙈 can’t wait for your next posts 😘💖


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