One Moisturizer to Rule Them All…

Makeup is a form of expression, there are no rules and it’s an open playing field. I learnt this very early on during my venture into the world of beauty. This belief is what comforted me when I chose to not use moisturizer before applying foundation. I never moisturized, day or night. I wanted to avoid looking dewy or moisturized at any cost possible (hard to imagine considering the obsession with glowing today, but back then it was all about staying matte). I thought my skin was oily so I shouldn’t moisturize, I thought it was a barrier between my skin and foundation that would make my foundation slip off, and most of all I thought it might break me out considering my oily acne-prone skin. I can confidently say this was my biggest beauty mistake I’ve ever made (ok, maybe the white eyeshadow look ties with it).
This realization occurred about a year ago, I researched more into skincare and how to protect my skin from the sun or more importantly prevent aging. I was constantly faced with the repeated mentioning of the importance of using a moisturizer (*shit* I thought to myself, I had probably screwed myself over thanks to the past few years). If that weren’t enough, I was realizing all of my favorite beauty gurus mentioning it more and more, only this time it was posed as a step necessary to help the longevity and smooth application of foundation (*shit* again, what if that’s why my skin makeup always separates and looks cakey). So I began to test out moisturizers, some were too light and some were too heavy. I struggled to find a middle ground; and then I found Embryolisse.

My world was officially rocked. It’s no surprise this product is deemed every makeup artist’s secret weapon (I’m pretty sure I heard it’s what makeupbymario and Hrush use on the Kardashians). I stumbled upon this by chance in my sister’s makeup collection, she swore by it and I was still experimenting so I figured it’s worth a try. This happened in early December last year, I put it on and was worried it would feel heavy or greasy (especially in my sister’s dramatically heated apartment) but the moment I squirted the product out onto my hand I could sense it’s texture being different to any other. It was creamier, more fluid and light. It reminded me of my too faced Hangoverx primer, only slightly thicker. I slathered it all over my face and continued with my makeup. It felt light and blended away into nothing. If I’m completely honest, the infatuation began because it made my skin look so beautiful I was considering not using foundation! (Shocker for me) It was so smooth and made my skin look less textured as it usually is, and plumper and supple. I was sold. I have used it every day since and have almost finished it. Retailing at the price of $28.00 it’s a bargain for such a luxury high quality moisturizer.

What’s even more impressive, is that’s not all it is! It’s also considered to have priming properties, and wait for it, it works as a makeup remover! Embryolisse has formulated this Lait-Creme Concentrate to be the perfect first step to your makeup, as well as your last! I’m yet to try it as a makeup remover (mostly because I’m rationing what little I have left) but once I repurchase I will for sure. This moisturizer transformed my makeup routine, it truly truly grants the healthy-looking complexion it promises. I can sing its praises for pages upon pages, but you need to try it for yourself to truly understand its miracle working, and when you feel, as I did, comfortable enough to skip the foundation once applying it, I guarantee you’ll be converted along with me!!

Also lets all laugh together at my feeble attempt to get a cute picture of the texture.

Thank you for stopping by,
Xoxo, CFML
P.S. Let me know what moisturizer you swear by or if you’ve tried the Embryolisse, or anything else from the brand! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts 🙂

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