A Dream is a Palette Your Heart Makes…


Allow me to be “basic” for a moment, but this palette is goals. I’m a simple girl. I don’t ask for much of life, but a perfectly tailored-for-me palette is something I have sought for years. Last year I decided to try to make that dream come true with the best of the best- Anastasia Beverly Hills Individual Eye-shadows. That dream was taken from me when my palette got stolen at the airport *shudders*. I’d prefer not to talk about it, the residue of the trauma remains. So shortly after I decided I was ready to risk it and dedicate another $80 to a palette (the drama, though). But this time I went for a cheaper choice where I could get more for less; in terms of eyeshadows, and in terms of options. I had always considered Makeup Geek Eyeshadows, the pigment was unreal and the colour selection was overwhelmingly vast; if that weren’t enough, the extremely affordable price point completely sold me. And so the obsession began, the weeks-long research and testing to identify the perfect shades (I literally have never taken something so seriously in my life). Finally, I crafted the dream palette. It was me, it was my soul, it was my palette.

I may come off a little crazy by now, you may be concerned; but nonetheless I’m here today to share with you all the components to every neutral-eyeshadow-lover’s dream palette. DISCLAIMER: Yes, I chose too many transition shades. They’re just so practical!

Let me begin with my general idea behind my dream palette. This was very catered to me personally, but I feel that it could help inspire others. I knew I wanted a pale base shade, I had grown accustomed to applying one all over the lid before eyeshadow after Samantha’s tip on how it helps with blending. Then I knew I needed a champagne shimmery shade for my inner corner highlight, or if I ever wanted to do a champagne lid look. As we’ve previously established; I needed a transition shade. I wanted a cool one and a warm one. They’re just so useful, whether for a dramatic look or for a day where I just want a wash of color to define my crease slightly. So that was a must. Finally I needed a dark red-brown shade which I used so regularly to define my outer-corner and give my eye the depth it desperately needed. So around these four categories, I wanted the flexibility to throw in a few fun options -or at least as fun as neutrals and browns could be haha. What I ended up with, is basically a sum of all of this.

(Left to right)


Baby Face – This fit as the perfect skin-tone base eyeshadow color

Starry Eyed– I think this is the only eyeshadow I have used every single day since the day I bought it. This is hands-down the perfect inner corner highlight. It’s one of Marlena’s Foiled Eyeshadows, making it rich and intensely pigmented. Accurately described by the website as a “hybrid between powder shadow and cream shadow,” the foiled eyeshadows give the most intense color – and can even be further elevated when spraying the brush with some sort of setting spray and applying the shadow wet.

Creme Brulee This shadow is definitely showing up more orange in the photo, but it is an orange-undertone neutral transition shade. Blends out beautifully and basically works as a “how to have a blended lid-look for dummies.”


Petal Pusher– I use this rose-brown shade in two ways. First, I sometimes use it as a transition shade to give my eyeshadow look a cool-pink undertone. Or, I often use it as a shade between my outer corner and lid- kind of blending the two together.

Barcelona Beachthis was a last minute addition, I felt it was a slightly darker cool-toned transition shade that could often be used as a simple crease colour-and that’s exactly what I ended up using it for! This shade has gotten the most use during my no makeup-makeup days, giving my crease a tiny bit of extra natural definition.

Unexpected This shade works similarly to Petal Pusher, the only difference was this one is more purple-toned. If I’m honest, I bought this shade because online swatches made it look a lot darker and more of a lavender eyeshadow. But really it worked better in reality as another cool-toned transition shade.


LatteThis shade was also very different to how it looked online, but pleasantly so. I was so caught up in transition-shade trance that I added this to cart for that reason. But as you can see from the picture, in reality this was a medium brown. I use it so often because I see it as a kind shade in between cool and warm, so it’s different.

Cocoa Bear Cocoa bear has earned itself quite the fame. This shade was definitely bought as a result of my favourite beauty guru’s singing it’s praises. Rightfully so, too. It is the most gorgeous burnt warmer than warm brown. The shade applies so beautifully and gives the eye definition like no other eyeshadow ever has. I can’t speak highly enough of this shade, you just need it in your life!!!!

Cherry ColaNow this was also spoken about highly, and it was the colour I chose to fill my “dark red-brown for the outer corner” category, and it works perfectly. I can use this for a warm eye, a cool eye, a dramatic look, a simple one, a colorful or a neutral; it just works as that perfect dark shade that adapts to any look to simply give it more definition! If that hasn’t sold you, isn’t the name just so darn cute and accurate!

Grandstand – Finally, I had one more shade to choose and I decided to go with another foiled one (the formula just sounded so dreamy, and it did not disappoint) and I felt I would get most use out of a bronze-y rose gold shade. This color is gorgeous and can be used lightly to add a little shimmer to a simple neutral look, but I prefer to pack it on for a dramatic foiled eyeshadow look!

Well, that’s it. Noha finally got her dream personalized palette. I don’t care if it’s too neutral, I don’t care if there’s too many transition shades; I am in love and have not been able to go a day without using at least one of these shades! Highly recommend looking into this instead of buying the next big new palette release. Also, you must must must buy this Travel Vault Palette from Makeup Geek, not only does it have the most beautiful packaging but the mirror inside is so high definition it’s almost problematic!Signoffffffff



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  1. I love Make Up Geek eye shadows! I only have 3 (Latte, Shimma Shimma and Fairytale) and they so live up to the hype. Cherry Cola looks lush!x


    1. Omg I was considering shimma shimma! Yes cherry cola is just ideal in every way, you have to try it! Thanks for stopping by xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jennisdaydreams says:

    Them colours are gorgeous!


    1. Right!! Starry eyed just gets me every time 😍😍


  3. Tessa says:

    You picked out some really pretty shades! Eyeshadow itself is so pretty to look at, so I really enjoyed this post! 🙂


    1. Aww thanks, love! Glad someone doesn’t think they’re too boring haha. Thank you for reading xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. aww thanks love, it’s so cute I’ll do it ASAP 🙂 xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. These colours are so pretty 😍
    You have an amazing blog!


    1. Aww thanks, love! So glad you enjoyed it 😘😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome.
        Lots of love.
        Rashmi 🙂


  5. sarahbrades says:

    This palette is stunning! I own coco bear and its my favourite crease colour – so unique!! x


  6. L Marie Hair says:

    Great shades! I’ll definitely be trying this palette


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