Mastering That Perfect Baby Skin…

Ok, yes, I had a little too much fun coming up with that title. It was just begging for it, how can three products work so well in a sentence! So, I’m back with the drugstore/high-street, still trying to prove my case -they are equally as good! This time, I’m pushing my luck a little further. Primer’s are tricky. I personally never would’ve considered trying a cheaper primer, it’s just too delicate a step. Too close in contact with your skin, and too prone to destroy an entire skin look. After years of testing out the few primers on the drugstore market, I’ve come out with three that I still use regularly in conjunction with my higher end primers.

The Maybelline Master Studio line has always been impressive, from the concealer to the blushers -it genuinely is comparable to higher end products. So it’s no surprise that when they released blurring primers they’d be impressive. The primer comes in three finishes: Blur+Smooth, Blur+Redness and my personal favorite Blur+Illuminate. It does precisely what it says, it’s possibly the only illuminating primer I’ve ever come across that also leaves my skin poreless and smooth. Giving a glow from within look, this primer works perfectly under any foundation but I find it works especially well under matte or high coverage foundations. If I’m honest, I even went through a phase where I’d wear it alone on no makeup days, it gives that nice of a finish!

My personal all time favorite primer is Too Faced’s HangoverX primer, so when I found a comparable drugstore version you can imagine how obsessed I was. After trying the Baby Skin Pore Eraser, I wasn’t expecting much. It was so drying and too silicone-based for my liking, it only served to help foundation cling to my dry patches and separate- nightmare!! So when trying the Baby Skin Anti-Fatigue primer, I was blown away. The texture was light and weightless, more of a water-y cream than a silicone primer which is the formula I prefer. The primer really helped plump my skin up and even out my skin tone. It worked beautifully under foundation, keeping my skin hydrated and supple! Amazing drugstore find!

Last, but by no means least comes the Rimmel Classic: Fix & Perfect Primer. With its velvety gel formula, this primer works perfectly to fill in pores and smooth out the skin’s texture. It basically fixes it, then it kind of perfects it. I know it’s starting to sound similar to the last two years, but I had to include this one because on top of all that it gives me longevity. I feel like this one had to be included as the primer for an event or a long day, it’s definitely reliable in terms of long-lasting.

So, that’s it for my top picks for drugstore primers. I’m always trying new things in the drugstore, so I’m sure a similar post will pop up soon haha.



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  1. Love the Rimmel Fix & Protect: a classic, go-to, reasonably priced primer 😍. That Maybelline one looks good too! I’ve not seen it before, maybe I’ll look into it 😌. Great post gal xxxx


    1. Haha giiirl, living for you right now! Omg you have to try the Maybelline you’ll love it! I really want to try the blur+smooth like I feel like it’s going to be life-changing! 😘😘😘😘

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      1. Haha! I might, I might! Hopefully I can get it on this side of the world πŸ™‹πŸΌ. Nothing better than a good primer πŸ’πŸΌ


  2. I’m obsessed with that primer! Writing a review on it soon! ❀

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  3. lovely review! i’ve been looking for a new primer since mine breaks me out, so i might try the maybelline one thanks x


    1. Thank you sweetheart! Oh dear, which one is that? Im so prone to breaking out so I should avoid it too haha. Thank you for reading xoxo

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      1. It was a powder primer and setting powder that I picked up from superdrug I can’t remember what brand though xxx


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