May Favourites! 

If I’m honest, this is kind of a special post for me. Special in the sense that I’ve been so involved with the beauty world from a distance, YouTube and Instagram obsessed – I’m constantly keeping up with what the beauty community has to say. Monthly favorites are a big part of that, I eagerly await them every month and they’re possibly one of my favourite (ha) YouTube videos to watch. When I embarked on this journey of engaging in the beauty community, I was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement the more I heard responses from people and interacted with them. So for me to be sitting here and typing my own monthly favourites, is kind of a surreal moment. Now, rant over; let’s get to the good good. 
This month was all about the primer, I feel like I’ve reached a point in my life where I know what I want from a foundation. Now, primers, I’m still trying to figure out. I know I’m 100% anti-silicone-y primers. I need a gel or creamy formula. A while back I felt my skin really needed more moisture without looking too oily. This product was just what I needed! The Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer worked as that perfect addition to my makeup routine, (working perfectly in conjunction with my next favourite). I know this is a pricey one, but it’s definitely worth the money; I was afraid it wouldn’t be anything special but I really realized its value this month when I’d notice a duller drier feeling to my skin if I skipped this step. Coming after moisturizer it gives my skin a plump supple feel, perfecting it and priming it perfectly for my next step…

This search for moisture a while back may have been resolved but I was left with skin foundation that would dew up and separate once coming in contact with the humidity outside. I needed something I never had wanted before; mattifying products. I couldn’t bear it, I tried matte foundations but it was too drying. I tried mattifying setting sprays but my foundation would separate. In perfect timing, Benefit released it’s Matte Rescue Invisible Finish Mattifying Gel under the infamous Porefessional range. Can you believe that this product moisturizers while mattifying? It sounds crazy but the gel texture feels like it penetrates my skin, hydrating it while controlling the oiliness and dew throughout the day. Now let me be clear, it keeps moisture and dewyness throughout the day, it simply controls it and doesn’t let it reach an OTT oily finish; just what I needed! Swear by this product now!

This next one is an oldie but a goodie. I’ve always tried to keep up with eye cream. I understand that it’s more preventative rather than a skincare step where you see instant results, but I think subconsciously it’s the fact that I never see results that stops me from keeping up with applying it. This all changed a year ago when I discovered almond oil. I heard it was the best thing you could use for your under eyes, and I’m all for that natural life. So I began to apply it regularly, and the best part was that aside from prevention- I was seeing results. Every morning I would wake up with the skin under my eyes feeling plumper and softer than ever. It really is a miracle worker and I lost mine when moving around last year, so when I finally got around to repurchasing this month; my life was changed! This really is the best step you could incorporate into your skincare routine and I can guarantee you’ll see instant results!

So, I had LVL Lash Treatment done almost two months ago. I barely have any length in my lashes so before the treatment I had constantly used castor oil to try to grow some, but I was told that using any oils on my eyes would harm my lashes with LVL. So I asked my technician what kind of treatment I could use, and she sold me the LVL treatment (easiest sale of her life, guaranteed). I’ve been using it religiously and if I’m honest this is a confused favourite- because it’s an unsure choice haha. My lashes have been looking amazing lately. Perfectly curled and getting longer and longer, so I have a pretty good feeling this paired with LVL is what I have to thank.

Another oldie but a goldie, I’ll keep this one short and sweet because the product pretty much talks for itself. Milani’s infamous Luminoso blush changed my life years ago, but lately I’ve rediscovered it and it’s upped my blush game more than any product ever has. I’ve used it every single day for 3 weeks now. I never was fully convinced with pink or red toned blushes, I stick to peachy blushes that just blend into my bronzer. This does that perfectly and gives my cheeks the most natural buttery flush! It’s just absolutely dreamy, and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get even close to hitting pan! Which wouldn’t matter anywhere considering it’s dirt cheap!

I bought this recently, and sang its praises enough in my haul post; Maybelline’s Fit Me Dewy + Smooth. But, it truly is one of the best foundations I’ve used; high-street or high-end! I say this for one reason, it is the only skin base I have ever used that genuinely blurs imperfections and gives me poreless skin! It’s genuinely a miracle in a bottle. Insanely amazing quality for the price! I’ve found myself reaching for this whenever I have a big day and need for my skin to look on point. Never disappoints!



10 Comments Add yours

  1. mandyjo79 says:

    I love the Milani blushes!! They are my favorite drug store blushes

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maha Shahid says:

    All of your product recommendations are super 😀


    1. Aww thanks sweetheart xoxo


  3. Daniela's Bathroom says:

    I have oily skin so Benefit’s Matt Rescue seems like a good thing to try, especially as it sounds like it keeps skin naturally looking.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Really want to try the Marc Jacobs primer. Definitely going to buy some almond oil now-good tip!! Xx


    1. Girl go get you some, it’ll change your life. Also bonus- it works miracles on your lips too! Xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Lynmed says:

    Hmm almond oil.. Interesting! Can’t put down my avocado eye cream from Kiehls! You should give this one a try!!! Ditched my Sisley for this one. 😉 xxx Lyna


    1. You actually just reminded me, I got the creamy avocado a while ago while traveling and only tried it once actually. Should really give it a try. Thanks and thank you for reading! Xoxo


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