The Betty Crocker of Makeup…

I cannot bake to save my life. I don’t know where your minds went with that, but I mean in both senses (Betty Crocker’s got a girls back). 2016 has definitely been the year of baking your makeup, and as much as I love the concept; my skin doesn’t! In case you’re unfamiliar, baking is when you use a sponge to apply a layer of loose powder either on top of your foundation of concealer. What I found funniest about this term is its literality; the idea is to actually allow the powder to warm up on your face and actually cook your makeup using your body temperature to set the skin in place. Sounds extremely appealing to me, we could all use a little extra staying power with our makeup, am I right? So, naturally I tried it. Most of my favourite beauty gurus suggested using a damp beauty blender, and almost all of them swore by Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Powder (post reviewing that coming soon). So I prepared myself with the best of the best, and it just wouldn’t work! I blamed the powder and tried any others that were suggested; and all I was left with was separated concealer that moved with every tap of the sponge, and a cakey finish. Shit, I thought, maybe me and baking in every form just don’t mix.

This all changed when I rummaged through my mother’s makeup collection and found an old Mac Prep + Prime loose translucent powder. It couldn’t get any worse, I figured, so I tried my luck. Ready for disappointment, I was taken aback as I watched my concealer smoothen out with every tap of the sponge, the powder clung to my undefeated in the most beautiful way. It blurred it out, almost as if I were applying a filter. I thought to myself, THIS must be what they’re all talking about!

All it took was coming across this one random product I’ve never even heard about, and low and behold; I was baked. This underdog is the only product I’ll use to bake now, it’s the only one I’ve tried that’s every worked. If it helps you understand if this could work for you-my skin I’d say is combination, and I dont apply too much concealer, I mostly use it to highlight rather than conceal, and I tend to get creasing right under my lash line. My biggest problem and reason for my baking interest, is that I hate how my under eye area looks. It always seems to separate and look crusty or cakey. It has never looked smooth or clear, there’s always so much texture. So this baking venture has completely ridded me of that problem and now I have clear texture-less under eyes that look almost blurred out!

Let me know what your baking experiences have been, and if you have any suggestions for another powder that could work. I recently bought the RCMA powder and I need to try it out ASAP! Could be the one 🙊


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  1. beautybygigi says:

    I need to try baking! Never tried it before as I don’t own a translucent powder, but I really need to test it out! So great that you found a powder that works for you, hopefully I can do the same! Great post 🙂 xoxo


    1. Try the elf under eye one if you want to try a cheap option first before committing, it was pretty good! Thank you for stopping by xoxo

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  2. kathylei says:

    thanks for sharing! Everyones been raving about ‘baking’ recently, and tbh, I’d no clue what it was really about besides loose powder over makeup. thanks for making sense of it all! ❤


    1. My pleasure! Thanks for stopping by, love 🙂 xoxo

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  3. Kiera says:

    I also use Mac Prep + Prime for baking! It works miracles!! Great post!
    Kiera X


    1. Omg no way! I thought I was the only one, isn’t it just amazing! Thank you for stopping by 😘😘

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  4. I love your blog! Thank so much for the follow, by the way!


    1. Aww thanks sweetheart, love yours too! Xoxo


  5. melrikablog says:

    Great review!
    I have yet to keep trying the baking technic!
    I always fail at applying because I am scared the powder gets allover my face and shirt, haha!
    – Melissa @


    1. Haha it’s actually surprisingly not as messy as it seems! Thank you for stopping by xoxo


  6. ilovebeautyboxes says:

    Interesting! Also gotta love that feeling when you’ve been trying to nail a new technique with no luck and then it finally happens 😀 Yipppeeee!


    1. Exaaactly! It’s like you finally feel like you belong :p. Thank you for reading babe xoxo


  7. I am OBSESSED with the RCMA powder it has become my holy grail! I hope you like it!


    1. Omg so excited! Kathleen lights made me do it :p thank you for reading my blog 🙂 xoxo

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  8. fearlesslyalice says:

    I want to try baking but am worried it will look cakey and like I’m wearing loads of product?!


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