To Shave or Not To Shave…

Aftershave? I got on board with. Actual shaving? Not so much. I’m sure you’ve all been hearing about this well-hidden beauty secret of shaving your face. As an avid facial hair grower, I’m starting to consider my options. Now first it’s important to understand my story; it’s a strange one. I’ve always had a mustache, I have my Arab genes to thank for that. It’s a constant struggle that I have to have threaded or bleached quite regularly. The hairs aren’t too thick or dark or even plentiful, nonetheless they need to be dealt with (the Mafia vibes, though). Aside from that I just had a few baby hairs along my chin or jaw, very very thin and barely visible. This all changed a few months ago when I decided to try laser, primarily because of the mustache but I figured why not deal with the baby hairs; bad call.
First of all, laser sucked. I understand that I takes a lot of sessions but the truth is it was just so discouraging that I haven’t tried again. The hair immediately grew back, I’d say within no more than a week. I can deal with the OG stache, but the problem was I had visible colored hairs on my chin. Some were even long. I was mortified! What could I do!!!? Laser was so expensive and I just didn’t trust it anymore. So here I am now. I’ve threaded my mustache twice since, that’s fine I can deal with it; but I’m stuck here not knowing what to do about these chin hairs. So when I started hearing more frequently about girls shaving their faces, naturally I considered it.

As most women probably have, I was instantly opposed to the idea. I’d get ingrown hairs right? More would grow back? Darker, thicker? It just wasn’t worth it. My venture into facial hair removal had been traumatic enough already. But the more I read about it the more torn I am. People I’ve followed for years have come out as avid shavers; from Huda Beauty to Vivianna Makeup. Cosmo wrote an article about it where the shaving was termed as “dermaplanning,” I have to be honest the fancy name begun to win me over. It was described as exfoliating the skin and removing the hair without it growing back thicker if done the right way: all things I needed.
So here I am, I’ve got it down. I know the razor to be used and I know the right technique. I’m comforted by the dermatological side of things as well as the popularity it’s had across the beauty community. But I’m still at a crossroads. Do I hold back at Sephora so I can try laser a few more times? Do I live with it? Do I bleach it? Or do I grow a pair and shave it. The struggle is real. So I’m writing to you all, to help me out a little. What has your laser experience been? Or shaving? Or even simply how do you feel about this shaving hype?

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  1. skinmeticsblog says:

    Great post!
    I’ve been thinking about shaving forever because I have a “faux moustache” but I’m really scared of it growing out even worse than before
    I feel your pain! Hope you write a follow up post if you decided to do anything
    -theskinmetics x

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    1. Isnt it just the biggest struggle! I definitely will, so glad you’re interested to see what I have to say about it haha! Im thinking to try shaving, see how badly it goes then maybe try laser as a second resort. We’ll see. Wishing you luck with it too xoxoxo

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  2. stella says:

    I have peach fuzz/chin hair – I’ve shaved it for years with no issues. I don’t know what others do but I exfoliate, shave and then use a serum called Serious Serum that I buy from Amazon to treat/prevent ingrown hairs. It works like a charm, I’m no expert of course 😛 Good luck though!!

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    1. That’s insane! Like I’m glad to keep hearing such good things but I don’t know where I’m getting this idea of it being so terrible from haha. So it doesn’t grow back thicker or darker or anything? I need to get on this! Xoxo

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      1. stella says:

        Haha! It isn’t terrible, I’ve not had any crazy regrowth or anything no. It just becomes routine 😁


  3. wendie says:

    I have peach fuzz and shaved it with the Korean shavers. It didn’t grow back darker or thicker but is s faff.
    Lisa Eldridge has a great YouTube video on it.


    1. Omg love Lisa!! I’ll look into the video right away. The more I hear from people the more I won’t where the “thicker darker hair” theory came from, everyone seems to have experienced otherwise! Thank you for your comment love xoxo

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  4. Jam says:

    I have seriously considered shaving my face but something holds me back. I use hair removal creams instead. I would be mortified if I cut my face shaving!


    1. Exactly! Everything I read says if we use the kinds of razors I linked, cutting should be avoided. But I don’t know I’m just not ballsy enough haha xoxo

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  5. mindscloset says:

    I revelry shaved my face because I have side burns that are just tiny bit out of control. It is super fine and not much at all but it hasn’t even grown back yet. Also the it grows back thicker thing is a myth so go ahead!


  6. Beauty in Nostalgia says:

    I don’t know about shaving – maybe learn how to thread or get it waxed (use Lycon wax) – at least by these methods you remove the hair by the root, so you get a few more days. But for ingrown hairs, anyone who uses Lycon wax will sell an ingrown hair spray (works wonders)


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