Our Fairy Highlight Godmother’s Latest Concoction

First she brought us the holy grail of all highlighters, and now this. I don’t know about you guys, but I have always and will always be one of Jaclyn Hill’s biggest supporter. I’d say between her and Vivianna Makeup- she accounts for half of my makeup purchases. She is one of the few beauty gurus whom’s suggestions I take very seriously and will purchase ASAP. So of course, as she begins to produce her own products; I will be here patiently awaiting to purchase and repurchase and repurchase. I think this is primarily because this woman KNOWS what she’s talking about. Every single product she recommends, has worked perfectly for me and exactly how she says. And might I note, she has dry af skin and mine is combination ; she’s still always spot on.

Champagne pop was huge, we can all agree that it is dreamy. Don’t think I’ve put mine down a single day since I purchased it – except like while I do the rest of my makeup because it’s practically a messy loose powder now (Becca highlighters, why do you play us so hard?!?!). Then came the entire champagne pop collection, to which I think we all (excuse my language) lost our shit. She brought us the cult favourite shade in 3 different forms, not to mention a new sister Prosecco, and best of all; an eyeshadow palette!!
Merely a couple of weeks later, and here we are. Still fangirling over the collection and still waiting for June 16th for us to all get our hands on it; and she drops this bomb on us!!! Having Jaclyn Hill on snapchat has its benefits; from the occasional BeyoncΓ© jam sessions to her beat-less face rants from the comfort of her couch lavished with white fur. But best of all; as her snapchat followers, we get all the updates earlier than anyone else. This was true during her process of making champagne pop, and only 2 weeks past its release it’s true of this next big thing.
unnamed (4)
This woman has the audacity to tease us(who am I kidding, I love it!) with an arm-full of swatches. A makeup lover’s mind can only wander so far; and here we all are fangirling over the possible release of Jaclyn Hill liquid lipsticks! Could it be?!?!? As an avid fan and experienced user of liquid lipsticks, one can only imagine the quality these liquid lipsticks could have. Maybe I’m jumping the gun, perhaps it’s simply lipsticks. Who knows, the swatches did seem matte so either way I’m happy. What’s even more exciting than the product is the shades! Black and white swatches can only be deciphered by a trained eye, and as the holder of a good pair I can definitely see some bold fall shades as well as a vast selection of nudes. Couldn’t you just die!!!!
Only time will tell, a year to be exact. Jaclyn made clear in the tempting snap that whatever it is she’s working on, we won’t know much else until 2017. You officially have us wrapped around your finger! I’ve waited longer for a lot less, my body is ready Jaclyn!!
Let me know what your thoughts are on Jaclyn and what you think the product will be!! I could be completely off, and it’s actually eyeshadows haha, let me know!

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  1. Jaclyn is one of my fave beauty gurus! Ugh I would love to own her products 😍x


    1. I know right 😍😍. I have the champagne pop highlighter but that’s about it. Praying we can both get our hands on some of her stuff on June 16th πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» xoxo

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      1. I have champagne pop and ugh it’s life πŸ‘ŒπŸ» yes I so hope we can get our hands on it! Xx


  2. I’m so happy for Jaclyn. She really works hard! There are some youtubers who seem so content with filming a video or two a week and using the rest of their free time to do nothing but watch tv and eat. Jaclyn actually uses her “free time” to work and create! I can appreciate that as a fan.


    1. Exactly! and the best part is she produces actually genuinely good products! I feel like often these you tubers get a collab with a company and aren’t a part of the producing and don’t really mind if the product isn’t that great, but Jaclyn really tried to make sure that it was up to par- and it was! Live die breathe cry for her! :p xoxo


  3. samanthalynmakeup says:

    I love her too! She works so hard for all she has on life & that’s such an inspiration. She deserves all the good coming her way πŸ’


    1. Exactly! And she’s just so worthy of all the support she getsπŸ’• live for her she’s like my spirit animal! Xoxo

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  4. Lynda says:

    I have a serious girl crush on Jaclyn Hill! Along with Kathleenlights, Jaclyn videos account for about 90% of my YouTube viewing. I bought Champagne Pop, Moonstone and Opal because of her & I fricking love them. I would so love to get my hands on her highlight & blush palette πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ’–


    1. Seriously need the palette in my life ASAP ASAP!! Omg actually the exact same, her and Kathleen can sell anything to me literally!! Xoxo


  5. Dr beautyfix says:

    Every single person I know of who owns the jacyln hill highlighter only raves about it,I can’t wait to get my hands on it:)


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