Can You Tell I’m Obsessed With Jaclyn Hill By Now…

Is it overkill to write a follow-up post on Jaclyn? It’s not my fault she’s giving us GOLD on snapchat! I feel like we need to talk about it. So, the eyeshadow palette collab with Becca. Personally, it was the product I most eagerly wanted. Every shade looked perfect and altogether it seemed deemable of holy grail status! From the gorgeous warm brown and cool pink-toned brown, to Jaclyn’s own personal addition “Champagne toast,” the palette was worthy of a toast or two of its own! One of the most anticipated parts of the summer 2016 release, and now it’s gone. 
Now, this is definitely bittersweet. Obviously it was so highly sought after, some may even say they would literally give an arm and a leg for it, just saying. Nonetheless, we can’t exactly be entirely upset by this discontinuation. I think it’s safe to say if you’re reading this post that you are a continued subscriber and supporter of Jaclyn, and we’ve all seen the video she dedicated to the Summer 2016 releases in which she describes the product. Now, even while watching the video I felt kind of funny about the fact that she wasn’t that involved in the manufacturing of the eyeshadow palette. Not to mean that I was disappointed or anything, I just mean it kind of put me off the palette because I wanted something I knew was 100% Jaclyn like the rest of the range. So I started second-guessing whether I really wanted the palette; meanwhile who am I kidding I was obviously going to buy it as soon as I could get my hands on it!! 

So, I almost wasn’t surprised when I woke up to Jaclyn’s snapchat my story today. I haven’t been very active on Twitter lately, so I missed all the hoop-la about the palette. But Jaclyn laid it down pretty clearly (add her on snapchat ASAP the my story may still be there username: jaclynrhill. Basically, a lot of people had been leaving negative comments to Jaclyn because the palette was dry or patchy and just not up to Becca par. This isn’t to say that the palette in and of itself was a bust and a fake, but just that – as Jaclyn put it “30% of people got a good palette, but 70% got the dry patchy kind”. So to Jaclyn this was unacceptable, and as always she really values our opinions as her fans, and so she asked them to stop producing and selling the palette. 

As much as I whole heartedly respect Jaclyn’s decision and know it’s coming from the best place possible, as someone who valued the palette so much; I wish she would’ve given us the opportunity on the off-chance that we could get a good palette! Give us the chance to make the decision, you know? I can’t imagine being in her position, probably would’ve made the same call, but the palette was just so idyllic!

 So I just thought I’d open up some conversation here; I know a few of my followers are also fans of Jaclyn, so what do you guys think about the decision? 

Sorry this is more of a rant/conversational post. I just needed to get it off my chest, and what better place than a beauty blog haha!

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  1. I’ve love the colours but I totally see why it’s being discontinued. Although I’ve never used the product itself, I definitely want to check it out!


    1. Yeah, it’s definitely bittersweet! Xoxo


  2. I saw her snapchat story too and I completely agree with you! I got a good palette so I was bummed when she said it was being removed. It’s crazy what happened but I do still LOVE my eyeshadow palette that I received! I’m wearing it today actually! It’s beautiful!



    1. Omg that could’ve been me!!! Haha, exactly, I feel like a lot of people got good palettes so why do this to us 💔 Need it in my life. Xoxo

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  3. I’m slighted gutted this has happened again for JH. Back when everything was going wrong with GC and the products were so bad I felt there was no communication. But not this time! Her snapchat yesterday and today has been filled with everything we need to know. I would love to get my hands on a good palette!

    She is still Queen 🙂 x


    1. Exactly! Live for her tbh, she can do no wrong haha. Xoxo

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  4. reevasmall says:

    Shame i do feel for Jaclyn but at the same its a good decision she made. At the end of the day she wants everyone to experience the same quality and i guess she wants to play fair as well. The collection is still stunning in opinion and so far many have raved about it. Will always be ups and downs, but throughout it all she always stays loyal to her subbies and to me she is and will always be top shelf.


    1. It’s true it’s true. I completely understand, I just wish wish wish they just fixed the palette or something somehow. It was so perfect I needed it in my life 😩 xoxo

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  5. Good for her for sticking up for her brand and not letting us all die to get a bad palette- Hopefully they’ll make a new one!


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