Ok, Ladies Now Let’s Get in Formation…

Infamously serving us a full flawless face beat, and a contour that is consistently sharper than our entire existence. Always providing a snapchat story to look forward to at the end of the day, with a healthy dosage of lip syncing to Beyonce’s latest. She taught us how to pose, and how to slay a catwalk outfit-of-the-day video (they will forever give me life). Some call her Slayla, I call her queen; either which way, Shayla will slay. We couldn’t ask for more than her raw realness and genuine product recommendations;she even took it one step further, giving the masses what they wanted (what they needed) with her recent YouTube account. But no, Shayla is forever one step ahead of us, giving us the ultimate gift possible; a contour palette.


This collaboration with Tarte has left us all in awe, and reacting in true Shayla form “oooooooooooh.” In order for you to truly grasp the magnitude how perfect of a collaboration this us, let’s all appreciate the brief collage of Shayla’s bomb contour below, it’s beyond impressive and absolute goals for lack of a better word. Shayla’s relationship with Tarte goes way back, but it’s probably one of the few sponsored reviews that I can trust; the products she raves about are genuinely good and I trust her recommendations more than any other beauty guru in the field. The palette consists of 6 powders; two for contouring, a blush, a highlighting powder/corrector, a highlighter, and what appears to be either a shimmery bronzer/blush hybrid or perhaps an eyeshadow. In true Shayla form, she dropped this collab on us in the best way possible; a tutorial. Shayla used her popular snapchat to debut the palette and show it in action to really get us on the edge of our seats.

Now this may come as a surprise, but I do not own a contouring palette. Crazy, I know, I just could never make a concrete decision on one (yes, I know it sounds as if I were choosing a car). It’s something I’ve always wanted to go for but never been fully sold on, I can confidently say I’m finally sold. Not only is this palette made by the queen of contour herself, but it genuinely looks like the perfect well-rounded palette. If Tarte’s amazonian clay blushes are any indication of the quality of their face powder products, then all that’s left to go on is the shades (aka their usual formula is insanely beautiful and long-lasting). The blush is the ideal pink flush shade that can work with any and all skin tones, and the two different contour shades offer a good variety that can also work for different skin tones as well as different contour preferences. But, I think if I had to say what I love most about this palette, it has to be the fact that it actually delivers a beautiful highlighter!! I don’t know about you guys, but usually the highlighter in any and all contour palette’s is generally weak and we tend to accept that, this palette offers a new pace, and I love that!


The product speaks for itself, and on June the 19th at 5pm (don’t know about you guys, but I’m counting down the seconds) we can finally switch up our contouring game. Personally, as a fan, aside from excitement for the palette I’m beyond proud of Shayla and she deserves this collaboration more than any makeup artist I know, I’m just glad she finally got this amazing opportunity! Stay tuned for an update post once I get my hands on this baby. Soon Shayla can slay our contour at home like she slays at the gym every single day. Ok, I should stop before I get too extra with the fangirl-ing, although I think my numerous Shayla-appreciation collages have covered that by now.



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  1. Shayla is goals! I’ve tagged you for The Bucket List Tag over on my blog!
    https://alluringalaskabeauty.wordpress.com/ xx


  2. barewithme says:

    I loved this post! Shayla is soooo good. I live for her, too 🙂 but idk I couldn’t fade getting this palette. Was tempted, though.


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