Ding ding ding, We Have a Winner…

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At such an early stage of my venture into the world of beauty box subscriptions, and already so vast a difference in preference. Throughout all the years I’ve watched and read unboxing posts about Birchbox and Ipsy, and never have I been able to truly decide which is better (hence why I couldn’t decide on just one to subscribe to myself). So you can imagine the unexpected surprise of me already figuring out which I like more only one month in.

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My Birchbox came only two days after the Ipsy, now at that point (as you can see from my last post) I was over the moon and it literally seemed like the best thing to happen to me, I couldn’t imagine ever being in a situation where it would seem any less. This all changed the second I lifted the lid of my Birchbox. Now, this could be my silly over-excited self that was just so impressed with the first product I saw. I couldn’t believe my eyes, they had one of Benefit’s new eyebrow product releases! *shrieks* Granted, upon closer inspection I realize it’s just the renovated classic Gimme Brow– but still! Now, this may come as a surprise, but I don’t do my brows. Yes, I know. It’s the one genre of beauty products that I don’t use, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping up with releases and considering trying them every single time haha. The Benefit dramatic release of their new line haunted me for weeks all over my favourite beauty guru’s social media, so I was sold. I knew I had to try something. SO this was perfect, and I’m super excited to test a product out before investing in my first brow product!

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Next came a classic that I use regularly, I had actually just popped open a new one of it the day before. The Avene thermal water is my absolute favourite mist to spritz all over my face almost 10 times a day. I use this before makeup for a little extra moisture, as well as after to set it, and then throughout the day to refresh. I’ve tried numerous of these water mists and this is by far the best. It feels like so much more than just water, it has soothing and replenishing properties too. So, of course, I was happy to have a mini version that I can carry around in my handbag!

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When ticking products I’m interested in while subscribing to Birchbox, I hesitated about ticking hair. I’m not that partial to trying out new hair products, I generally know what works for me and don’t stray out of my comfort zone; which is exactly why I went ahead and ticked it! I figured why not venture out and try different products! So, I was excited to find not only a shampoo but also a hair mask. The Lumiere d’hiver brand in general looked really cute and edgy, then I read the fine text talking about the brand and the cuteness was so real that I was sold! I was given their Clarifying shampoo (which had a really cute elephant on it and I died) and their reconstructing mask, to which I say yes and yes.

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Next come the two skincare products, I’ve heard about the Coola brand before but never tried it. A tinted spf sounds like the perfect summer product I need right now, so I’m definitely excited to try this. Now, I’ve tried the Dr.Brandt pore line but never this PoreDermabrasion, it seems to be some form of an exfoliator that promises to unclog pores and tighten pore walls -obviously sounds ideal. Really excited to try this one!

So, in comparison to my last post you can see whereas last time there were equally as many average products as amazing products; with Birchbox nothing was really disappointing, I’m definitely excited for every single one of these products. So I hope my review was helpful if you’re trying to decide whether to subscribe or not -also hopefully in the future I’ll just dedicate one post to comparing the two. Let me know what you thought of your box if you’re also subscribed!





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  1. tazziedee says:

    I love your blog name!!


    1. Aww thank you haha it just sums me up perfectly xoxo


  2. Healthy_Glow says:

    Looks like a decent box!


  3. This box looks great! Thanks for posting
    How much does a subscription cost for Birchbox?


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