Bright Lights, Big Palette…


So here I am, about a month late; but better late than never, right? It’s not like I haven’t spent the month eyeing the collection up and obsessing over it (I mean I have a previous post to prove it), so I feel that justifies my lateness. The second I landed in the U.S. I had half-given up hope on finding it in stock. When I entered that first Sephora my mind wasn’t even set on finding it, it had been a week since the release, surely it’d all be gone. But there it was, on display for me to see before I even walked into the store. No words were needed, no shrieking; I just calmly picked it up and placed it in my basket; after all, I’d have my moment to fangirl and rant later on -this is that moment. If you’ve followed me for a while (aka me trying to be cool, but actually if you’ve just seen the thumbnail of this post) then you’ll know what this post is about; Jaclyn Hill’s Summer 2016 Champagne Pop Collection. Now, you all should know by now my heartbreak over the recent passing of the eyeshadow palette; I was so upset I didn’t even want anything from the collection anymore, but who am I kidding obviously I was gonna buy it the second I could.


Jaclyn Hill’s face palette, oh how well acquainted with you I am. I’ve stalked you, searched swatches, watched and read reviews, maybe had a couple of dreams about you; I needed you in my life. I mean let’s assess the situation; champagne pop is my all-time favourite highlighter shade, my powder has completely shattered, I’m head-over-heels obsessed with all things Jaclyn Hill, I’m recently trying to get into shimmery blushes -all signs point to this face palette. If that’s not enough, just f***ing look at the picture below this and you’ll get it.


The palette comes with the cult favourite Champagne pop, and it’s cuter than ever sister Prosecco pop which is a more golden (very golden) shade. Then above those two babies comes (Left to Right) Rose Spritz -the most gorgeous universally flattering blush shade I’ve ever seen, it’s a dreamy pinky-peach shimmery blush. Next to what I think I’ll be using as a gorgeous deep bronzer -Amaretto. Then finally one of the prettiest blushes I’ve ever seen, this is a matte coraly-pink blush in the shade Pamplemousse (so cute, I die). If the perfection of the shades weren’t enough, Becca has definitely delivered with that creamy buttery power texture it always promises -these feel like the dreamiest powder product you’re ever going to own (not to mention, the most most MOST pigmented!)

So rest assured, I’m sure it’s clear now that I’m losing my shit over this palette. So much so, I’m seriously considering buying a backup (this is not a drill, it may happen). Let me know how you felt about the palette, don’t hold back -we can all accept this palette does things to us.


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  1. Dr beautyfix says:

    Ah can’t wait to buy this palette:)


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