Fairy Highlight Godmother Strikes Again – Harder than ever. 

Jaclyn, you are killing us. Deceased. Poor me, innocently scrolling through my snapchat recent updates, barely focusing and skipping most of people’s stories. Then lo and behold, I’m blinded by a gorgeous unique Becca packaging and realize the story was Jaclyn Hill’s and I was gone. There’s no way I thought, there is NO way this woman is seriously dropping this shit on me right now. But she was, the second she uttered the words “so I wanted to introduce to you guys the final products of the champagne collection,” my jaw dropped. I think you can understand the dramatics of my reaction considering I’m writing this post only a couple of hours after her announcement.

Just when we thought she couldn’t possible transform our highlighter game any further, she strikes again. A part of me genuinely thought, what can it possibly be? I mean surely she’s exhausted all options and all kinds of products, so it can’t be that special. I was wrong. Split pans. Pure genius. Jaclyn in collaboration with Becca has brought us split pans that consist half of Champagne pop and half of a blush, and then another two which consist of half Prosecco pop and half a blush. Its almost like a mini version for those who didn’t get their hands on the face palette! Or an exciting new addition for those (ahem, me) that just can’t get enough of Champagne pop in any and all forms! The Champagne split pans come either with a light natural pink blush in the form of Flower Child, or a bold gorgeous fuscia shade in the form of Hyacinth. Then Prosecco Pop comes with both face palette cult favourite shades- Pamplemousse or Amaretto. As if we needed any more convincing, Jaclyn snapchats swatches of the product along her arm and the pigmentation and butteriness is insane, her description was enough to convince you but aside from that it’s actually visible how gorgeous the formula is (no surprise here, it is becca after all)

Did you think I was done? Yeah, well so did I. IT’S NOT OVER. Jaclyn hits us with a release that isn’t only targeted at the Champagne Pop Cult, but any and all glow-addicts. Targeted highlighter sticks. Boom. This product is a new becca release as well as incorporating one in the Champagne pop shade! These sticks are comparable to eyeshadow crayons or sticks, with a similar packaging (they’d also probably work dreamily as an eyeshadow!). But these bad boys are made to give you that intense targeted highlight where you need it, hello strobing for dummies! The product comes in the shades Topaz, Moonstone and of course our baby Champagne pop.

I would rant about my excitement, but I think the products speak for themselves. July 5th is boldly marked in my calendar and I’m eagerly awaiting their release. Let me know your thoughts on the products or let’s all cry together over how perfect they are!



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  1. balba7 says:

    Just saw these too
    I need them all !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Desperately desperately need them 😍😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. danniijane says:

    Oh wow these look gorgeous. The Becca highlighters are on my wish list but this looks even better as it has blush too x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! And the blush shades seem a bit out of my comfort zone if I’m honest but they look so beautiful on everyone so I have hope haha xoxo

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  3. The highlighter sticks would be drop dead gorgeous as an eyeshadow!


    1. Right?! Perfect inner tear duct highlight! Xoxo


      1. I would put that stuff all over my lid!


  4. I’m dying. I am so so so excited!!!


    1. Dying dying dying 😭😭😍


  5. lovelilsx says:

    These look amazing! I need to get my hands on all of them😇


    1. Each and every one haha! It’s an obsession xoxo


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