Birchbox Bust?


I have to give credit where it’s due. When I think of a morning pick-me-up or refreshing mornings in terms of beauty, it is all about lightweight hydration. In this sense, Birchbox was spot on this month. The theme of July’s box was “things that get you up and at ‘em,” and it seems to be dedicated to products that start your day off and give you that morning boost we all need so desperately. The box was filled with products that fit perfectly with this description, jammed full of hydration and radiance; all words that leave us thinking ding ding ding, just what I need every morning.  The excitement kind of died down there for me. Aside from the product’s sizes leaving something to be desired, there weren’t as many well-known brands or exciting products.


Dr Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer –I figure it’d be best to start positively. Now, this product I’m actually excited for, the description is what was most intriguing; this product claims to burst into tiny water droplets upon application –now if that doesn’t quench your skin’s thirst just reading it then I don’t know what will. If I’m honest I think I would’ve preferred this product in an overnight mask form rather than a moisturizer, probably mostly because it sounds like it could work wonders through an intense treatment rather than daily application –and also because I prefer not to experiment too much with moisturizers. I can appreciate the size of this products, 30 ml is a seriously deluxe sample!

Smashbox X-Rated Mascara – while this product excited me because it’s a very familiar brand, I didn’t completely understand it’s place in the box. It doesn’t exactly fit in with the overall theme but regardless, I’m definitely not criticizing this one.  I’ve heard amazing things about the mascara, and after seeing the brush for myself I can see why. The X-rated mascara has a unique triple bristle brush, which I’m excited for the volume and separation I feel it’s going to give.

Catherine Malandrino Style De Paris Perfume- Let’s take a break from positivity, this product makes me so angry. 1.7 oz of a perfume is kind of a pitiful amount, especially since it’s considered one of the 5 products rather than a bonus. This sample was hardly enough for me to properly have one use. Aside from that, the fruity tones to this perfume are super-refreshing and perfect for this box. Unfortunately, that one whiff of it is all I’m going to get!

Balance Me, Radiance Face Mask –Now this product lies as a happy medium between exciting and disappointing. While this mask promises exciting things- exfoliation, cleansing, skin-brightening properties – it is again a brand I haven’t heard of, so I’m not sure how to feel about it. Nonetheless, I will try it and I am excited to see if it does all the polishing, hydrating and smoothing it promises. Also, a respectably sized sample which I appreciate after the last one!

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow –Now this is something that is both perfectly timed and something I can get excited for. Summer is all about the bb creams, for those of us who need that tiny bit of extra coverage on warm summer days it is the perfect lightweight step to switch a foundation out for. From only a swatch I can already tell I’ll love this, it gives a perfect golden glow but I feel it adapts to your skin tone rather than being too orange or bronze-y. It feels lightweight and hydrating which is just what you need for summer, but it also seemed to have a light coverage that could mask imperfections. So this seems promising!

So if I’m honest, while writing these reviews Im beginning to realize that perhaps the box wasn’t so bad. At first glance, I was disappointed with sizes as well as brand names- the box just didn’t seem promising. But I’m open to trying new things, and perhaps discovering a new Holy Grail product!

Let me know how your unboxing went. P.s. are we all just dying with the beauty of birchbox’s packaging or is it just me? Gorgeous!


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