Kylie Killed it…

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Kylie. Doing. Her. Own. Makeup. Now call me mainstream or silly, but I have no shame when it comes to my obsession with the Kardashians and Jenners, and even less shame concerning my admiration of Kylie’s beauty. We’re all guilty of it, you know it whether you choose to admit it or not! She gave us an app (my admiration wasn’t enough to make me pay for it if Im honest) but the tutorials were always given by others. Finally, Kylie speaks up. This was almost as special as when Kim decided to start letting us into her skincare world (I definitely think we all enjoyed that). Snapchat has earned the Kardashian-Jenners even more fame than they ever claimed before, and this oversharing by the Jenner whose beauty is most sought after is bound to earn some extra buzz.

The most important thing to be taken from this snapchat story was simple; she’s just like us. Kylie too suffers from textured skin, she also suffers the odd mascara mishap. So, I’ve collected a few screenshots of the highlights of the snapchat story, and I felt like discussing it here. Surprisingly, Kylie is actually talented and has her own input on beauty. Granted, often it’s based on tips given by renowned professional makeup artists- but Kylie doesn’t do too bad herself. 

Celebrities allowing us a peak into their makeup routine has often proven to be more of a trainwreck rather than helpful (please refer to bella thorne’s highlighter-comas on snapchat). Kylie’s however was enlightening and fun to watch. I think some of the most interesting highlights would be her foundation combo- she opts for a light coverage tinted moisturizer mixed with a high coverage foundation which seems like it could be an interesting natural/but well-coveraged skin base. As for helpful tips, wetting your beauty blender especially for your baking step and using brown mascara for bottom lashes were actually new tips I haven’t heard before! But the ultimate highlight has got to be Kylie’s beauty mottos we should all learn to live by (photos below).

So, I just thought I’d share this tutorial for those of you who missed it or were interested in Kylie’s beauty routine but fail to keep up with her social media! Let me know what you think.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. fezart11 says:

    Love this post !


  2. clairandkat says:

    I thought she did a really good job as well. she’s so beautiful ❤


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