The Plot Thickens…

Clearly subscribing to both beauty  boxes was necessary. A second month in and the preference has already flipped a 180. Birchbox and Ipsy clearly have alternating good months, while last time it was slightly conflicted with Birchbox coming out on top; this month is so clearly 100% going to Ipsy! Deep into July, there’s clearly so many exciting summer-related things going on in the beauty world- and Ipsy capitalized on this big time! With a bag theme of “Hot Summer Night,” they seriously delivered the heat! From a strobing-lover’s dream highlighter stick to a deep warm sexy eyeshadow for those smokey nights. This bag had me over the moon. Not only were we given brand names to get excited over, but the products themselves were just perfectly crafted to work together. 

Delectable Lemon & Cream Ultra-Nourishing Hand Cream– So let’s start with what wrongfully appeared to be the most underwhelming product. This dessert scented hand cream seemed not-so-special, but once applied you will be obsessed! The scent smells like a creamy and fresh lemon bar, the perfect balance between sweet and refreshing. I was already sold, and then when the smell lingered 2 hours later I was head over heels. Aside from the intoxicating scent, this hand cream is one of the most nourishing hydrating creams I’ve ever used, it left my hands perfectly supple and smooth for longer than any other cream has! This wasn’t just an exciting Ipsy product, but an amazing find in general! 

Luxie Beauty, Luxie Rose Gold Small Angle Eye Brush 215– This is probably the least exciting product, but that’s more of a personal thing; I prefer my angle eye brushes to be more thickly packed and wide. Aside from that, this product still earns itself excitement-points, mostly because of the brand. I’ve heard so much about Luxie beauty and always wanted to try the brand, so I was really impressed to find it in my bag and excited to test it out regardless. 

Ofra Cosmetics Lip Liner in Silk– again a seriously exciting brand. I’ve heard mostly about Ofra liquid lipsticks but this liner appears to be a full size which already impressed me, and then the color is a pretty ballet pink which seems like a perfect your lips but pinker shade (yes I just made that up, go with it). Perfect for a summer nights shade, I usually prefer a smokey eye look with a natural lip look, I see what you’re doing here Ipsy 😉 

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony eyeshadow in Matt Kumar– This product seriously brings the whole bag together for me! The perfectly rich warm brown eyeshadow, a classic essential and a must for a warm deep summery eye! This was definitely the most exciting product in here, the Meet Matt(e) palettes are infamous and it’s nice to have a little sample in here, and especially for it to be such a staple eyeshadow shade. Aside from the beautiful color, the shadow is insanely pigmented and buttery. This one is definitely a gem! 

tre’StiQue mini Highlight Stick in Maldives Luminous– The perfect end to the perfect summers day. This product was definitely the underdog of the bag, it seemed irrelevant to me and the excitement stopped at the packaging (really cute lid). Then I swatched it, and my eyes may have teared up a bit. The most gorgeous sheen I’ve ever experienced, seriously creamy formula that blended like a dream and gave that perfectly strobed look we’re all so desperate for lately. This can be blended out to give a light dewy sheen or packed on to give the most gorgeous intense highlight. The perfect end to that summer night look, to give you that effortlessly dewy glowed-up after a long beachy day we all seek, or maybe just me. Possibly just me. 

Clearly by now you can tell how obsessed with this bag I am! Ipsy seriously brought it back this month and not only impressed but also made a few dreams come true with products I’ve always been curious about. Perfect bag and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next month! Let me know what you thought of yours and if you preferred another subscription box! 


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  1. The bag is super cute!


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