L’Oreal Upping Their Game…


Ever since my snapchat was filled with YouTuber’s updates from the event L’Oreal hosted to introduce their new babies, the thirst has been real. The cult favourite skincare and makeup brand has finally delved into the world of masks, and clay ones at that; a serious niche within the drugstore skincare arena. Leave it L’Oreal to be ahead of the game. Introducing a range of three new clay masks each with a different purpose; Detox & Brighten, Exfoliate & Pore Refining, and Purify & Mattify. Each mask comes with 3 Pure Clays in it and an additional ingredient; red algae, charcoal, or eucalyptus. Clearly L’Oreal has seriously upped their game and the entire drugstore-skincare game along with it! This was a seriously impressive release that everyone has wanted to get their hands on. L’Oreal is infamous for providing some of the highest quality cosmetics in the drugstore. These masks only further that reputation.


When finally seeing these in store for the first time, I naturally grabbed all three frantically. A few minutes later my mind caught up with me and I decided to try one before going for them all; big mistake. I went for the Exfoliating & Pore Refining, it was between it and the Detox because I wanted something to kind of refresh my skin and get rid of the congested layer I had going on. It may sound like my expectations of this mask were already high to begin with, but it seriously exceeded them more than I could possibly imagine. This mask felt like luxury on my skin. The texture was similar to any high-end clay mask and it also had little exfoliating beads. Now, granted, the red tone of the mask definitely left me looking like a lizard with a skin condition; but I’ll deal with any look for the skin I got after.


It’s rare for a mask to have such drastic effects so quickly, but after rinsing this mask off in circular motions it revealed the freshest face I’ve ever experienced. As soon as I patted my face dry I could visibly see smoother, fresh and glowing skin; and touching my skin was even more exciting, it was softer than ever especially after a week of congested bumpiness. The effects were definitely instant, I’m sure with further regular use I’ll also experience some long-term improvement. But the short-term effects had me sold, I cannot wait to see what the other two had to offer. I’d definitely say this mask is more directed at combination/oily skin, as is expected with clay masks. It was seriously refreshing and my skin felt like a spa day, if I’m perfectly honest. At $12.99 I’m seriously impressed by the luxurious feeling to this mask, it felt expensive and it’s effects felt expensive. This is seriously a gem in the drugstore, and definitely a new holy grail clay mask!


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  1. danniijane says:

    These masks look really good. I’m surprised brands like L’Oreal never thought to sell them ’til now x


    1. I know right! It’s amazing you have to try one! Xoxo

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  2. I know the feeling! I have been watching everyone’s snapchat unboxing and testing them out, makes me want to run out and buy them all too!


    1. Hahaha you need to! It’s so worth it, they’re amazing 😍😍 xoxo

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  3. Alexandra says:

    Oh my goodness, this mask sounds like a dream! I’m going to have to find it and try it now!


  4. Will be picking this up once I finish up a few masks that I have. Ugh! Embarrassing but I have like 12 masks opened up. Lol.

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  5. Jasminahlove says:

    I’ve purchased this product before and its incredible!! Recommended!


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