Behind The Mask…


Masks. We all use them, we should up to 2-3 times a week. Some we use overnight, some for 10 minutes. Some dry a different color, some warm up on our faces. Some are hydrating, some are drying. It’s an essential in any skincare lover’s collection, in fact often drawer’s are overflowing with them. 50 different masks that serve the same purpose, because surely this one is going to work better. My last post inspired me, I’m a seriously avid lover of masks- any and all types. So, the question struck me; how do I have my own beauty blog without a post dedicated entirely to masks? I managed, by some miracle of God, to narrow it down to 6 masks. Now I know you’ve all been thinking face masks, but the truth is I don’t discriminate- I am a lover of all masks. I couldn’t have possibly done this without a cameo from my favourite masks made for other cosmetic purposes. So let’s jump right in. 
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask -Given that it’s summer, I figure it’d be suitable to start with hydration. Sephora and many-a-drugstore are packed full with overnight hydration mask, it’s a classic. After trying numerous versions and being left either with a breakout or waking up with sticky congested skin, I finally found the one. Origins is often a skincare savior, and also affordable considering the quality. This overnight hydrating mask was a gem from the second I squeezed it out of the tube and sniffed up every last drop of its dreamy citrus scent. The best way for me to explain this mask is that it is seriously accurately named. When I apply this to my skin it 100% feels like a refreshing glass of iced water for my face. The feeling is only intensified when waking up to seriously hydrated and quenched skin. This mask is the perfect overnight pick me up whenever your skin is feeling iffy or congested, or perhaps dried out after a long flight or a long night out. This stuff is liquid gold. 

Ouai Hair Oil- You must be seriously confused by how this product made it into this post, but the truth is it’s not about the title- it’s all about how you use it. This stuff is insanely amazing, I mean I hardly imagined anything less from the hair maven herself. This hair oil works wonders as a post-hair wash treatment, but the truth is you should always read the directions on the back! Jen recommends alternatively using this as an overnight hair treatment- and that recommendation is just as golden as the magic she works on the kardashians. Using this as an overnight hair masks works wonders repairing your hair and leaving it glowing and voluminous. Giving it just the perfect amount of bounce and shine needed earns this stuff a spot amongst my top favourite masks. 

Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask-Charlotte Tilbury’s venture into the cosmetics world has been nothing short of a blessing. She’s shared her magic with us and for that I am eternally grateful. The goddess skin mask can be best described as a wave of the wand of a fairy godmother before a big night. An application of this right before doing yourself up is the perfect fix. It’s almost impossible for me to explain it in depth, but it tightens pores, softens skin, hydrated it, and leaves you with a smooth glowing base. So this mask is definitely best used before makeup as a fix-it-all to prep your skin. 

Bite’s Agave Lip Mask – this lip mask has definitely earned itself infamy, and rightfully so. I’ve definitely raved about this product more than enough in a previous post. For now let’s stick to the brief sum up; put this on, try to avoid eating, and your lips will feel brand new. 

L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask- you know I’m not going to put you all through this again. Refer to my last post– I raved enough about this for an eternity. 

GlamGlow Supermud- Now, how could I have possibly pulled off this post without glam glow. This brand took over the beauty world a few years back and has continued to do so ever since. While I was stubborn for a while and refused to buy into the hype, as always I ended up doing exactly that. This mask is hands down the best skin clearing mask. You can physically feel this clay pull out any gunk in your pores and dry out any breakout. While the stinging sensation is sometimes uncomfortable, it is well worth the results. Aside from using it as a pore clearing face mask, this stuff also doubles a seriously impressive breakout treatment. Applying a tiny dot over your pimples will dry them out and rid you of them better than any other “4 hour treatment” will. 

So that’s the round up. I’m seriously impressed with myself for narrowing it down so much if I’m honest. It seemed an impossible feat at first. Let me know your thoughts on any of these masks or tell me about any you think would seriously trump these!


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  1. Really want to try the loreal masks they look fab! Great post x

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  2. Looks really good must try this product out!


  3. The origins mask is honestly my favorite thing in the universe🙌🏻


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