Goldilips & The Few That Are Juuuust Right…

2016 was the year of liquid lipsticks and highlighters; this much is undebatable. The beauty world has witnessed innumerable liquid lipstick releases; no really, it’s impossible to count. From Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lips to Kylie’s release that shook the world, and we’ve come full circle with Huda Beauty jumping in on the loop with her own release yesterday. I’ve had my fair share of dabbling into the world of liquid lipsticks; ok fine, I’ve had more than that, I think I can confidently say I’ve tested out every liquid lipstick release at least once. The trials and tribulations of liquid lipstick testing are a-many. From crusty cracked lips to no-longevity to stickiness. While this creation is a  serious blessing, it is also seriously a struggle to find one that works. In the spirit of national lipstick day, I figured I’d take it upon myself to give a brief summary of my venture into the liquid lipstick dreamworld and the few that have made the cut as the perfect fit. Ranging from comfort to longevity, these 6 doe-foot applicators take matte liquid lips to a whole ‘nother level.

Lime Crime Velvetines –Let’s start with the sentence that most of these will begin with, “this liquid lipstick has certainly earned itself infamy within the beauty community,” and it’s true, most of these have. This formula earns itself the spot as number one in terms of comfort. The lightweight formula dries matte instantly leaving the lips with an almost powdery finish. Now, stay with me, I know that doesn’t sound too appealing but trust me it is. The powdery feel is what makes it so comfortable, it’s light and completely matte formula is what makes it feel so weightless on the lips. Aside from the insanely comfortable formula, the Lime Crime line offers some of the most versatile shade range. From blacks and blues to the perfect red lip.

Shade Suggestions: Teddy Bear, Polly, Riot. 

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick -This is a recent release, and while the shade range is limited this is definitely one to keep an eye out for. This was a close tie to the lime crime for comfort, but in a completely different way. This one actually doesn’t dry too matte. While giving a matte appearance, the hydrating formula still feels creamy on the lips. It’s the best of both worlds; finish of a liquid lipstick, sensation of a hydrating creamy lipstick.

Shade Suggestions: Cher, 1995.

L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss –Confusing name, I know. But this bad boy lies as a perfect middle between comfort and longevity. This isn’t to say the previous ones aren’t long-lasting; but let’s just say you’re going to need all the waterproof-makeup-remover you can get because this sucker will not budge. While it’s been out for a while, this has been a recent discovery for me in the aisles of Forever 21, and I haven’t definitely kicked myself for taking so long to try it. While this gives a powdery comfortable finish reminiscent of the Lime Crime Velvetines, the longevity this gives is actually unbelievable. Especially given that I decided to test out a bold red lip for the first time, it’s a shock that it still impressed. This did not fade or budge, despite a shamefully greasy meal of Chick-Fil-A, followed by my seriously trying to rub this off with a tissue. This red lip refused to remain anything short of perfect throughout it all.

Shade Suggestions: Frisky, Fantasy, (do not try Backstage, it was impossible to get a proper pigmented layer on and separated instantly) 

Sephora Cream Lip Satin –This will always be my go-to. It is absolutely holy grail and I am eternally grateful to Amelia Liana for her raving about this product that made me buy it. Sephora’s own-brand has definitely made an impact this year and proven itself to be a seriously good makeup brand. For the majority of the year, I was certain that this was the only top number 1 liquid  lip I would ever use. This stuff is seriously long lasting, it will easily make it through an entire day including 3 meals. It feels comfortable and weightless on the lips and even if it eventually fades after a century it will fade away beautifully- there will be no 80s lined lips look with this one!

Shade Suggestions: Pink Souffle, Marvelous Mauve, Blackberry Sorbet.

Stilla Stay-All-Day Liquid Lipstick -Now, this is definitely one of the driest liquid lips, but with the right hydration in prep for it it’s perfection. While it often falls victim to one of the classic liquid lips faults it also offers one of the best pros; this stuff will dry seriously matte and last even longer than Sephora. Aside from that, I think what draws me to it most is the shade Patina. This is the perfect natural pink, a mauve take on your lips but better. 

Shade Suggestions: Patina, Aria, Fiery. 

Kylie Lip Kits- best for last? Not quite but this one is definitely holy grail. We were all guilty of being skeptical when this Jenner announced the release, if the Kardashian’s previous ventures into beauty were anything to go by, it wasn’t pretty. Naturally, as well know I had to buy into the hype anyway. I wasn’t expecting much but even if I were I’m sure this would’ve exceeded it. The kit comes with a lip liner which, while not amazing, was appreciated. For a more detailed rant you can refer to the post I dedicated to this gem, but to keep it brief here; this stuff has some serious industrial strength and leaves behind a beautiful stain. 

Shade Suggestions: Posie, Koko. 

Let me know what liquid lips you swear by or swear against! 

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  1. Liquid lipsticks are my absolute favourite! You got it spot on with limecrime and stila, but have you tried jeffree star’s lipsticks? I have nothing that lasts anywhere near as long! ❀


    1. No waaay, I’ve always wanted to try them but I want androgyny and it’s always sold out 😭😭


  2. Great post!! And love the picks too! ❀


    1. Thank you for reading!! Xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. askalimae says:

    Such a great post with awesome insight!! I also love the Anastasia and YSL lip stains, but was excited to see that you mentioned some that aren’t as mainstream!


    1. I really wanted to try Anastasia but a beauty guru I follow said it was too drying. How did you find them? Xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. askalimae says:

        I agree! Honestly if you haven’t moisturizer your lips right before applying, your lips will look sooo dry! I love the color payoff, they are so pigmented! So usually I end up putting a lipgloss on over the lipstick which totally takes away from the ‘matte’ effect! But I would recommend them for the pigmentation and the fact that they are long lasting! But the dryness is an issue😁


  4. Interesting and detailed review! πŸ™‚


  5. fadedrouge says:

    Fun post!
    I’ve been wanting to try the Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick.


  6. Adryana says:

    Great post with great selection of products πŸ‘ I love how you took the pictures! 😊 Also it would be great if you followed me back so we could support each other on this road of blogging 😊 πŸ‘Œ


  7. simplyedo says:

    This was really useful, deffo want to try some of them x


  8. lucicee says:

    Amazing post! Currently obsessed with this colour.


  9. anaveragewednesday says:

    I love the LA Girl Mattes, they’re so comfortable!
    H x


  10. Liquid Lipsticks are my everything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Seriously!! I’m totally obsessed with them. Great post beauty πŸ˜‰ It was so helpful for a liquid lipstick junkie like me πŸ‘πŸ’• Keep it up πŸ’ͺ


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Loving your blog also xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  11. All of these are so pretty! The lime crime ones definitely have earned their place, all of the colors were really great! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


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