My Favourite Month’s Favourites…

I love my birthday. I’m definitely not one to beat around the bush or act all shy about it; certainly not the type that avoids bringing up their birthday or hates surprises. I’m all about my birthday and the bigger the better!! Considering this, I assumed the month of my birthday would be my favourite favourite’s post, I would’ve accumulated a tragic number of product additions after all; I was wrong. With my birthday being in the later half of the month, I’ve realized I haven’t really gotten the chance to try anything out properly; so I guess it’s actually the month after my birthday’s month that’ll be the most exciting. Alas, this hardly means I didn’t accumulate my own herd of new products under the trance of pre-birthday euphoria! Unlike most months, a lot of these products might come as a surprise considering I haven’t mentioned much of them at all- these have been underdog superheroes of the month that I didn’t even realize how much I’d loved until this moment came!


La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that I’m trying to get stricter with my skincare routine. I’m so quick to buy the next big thing everytime it’s released but the truth is the only steps I carry out regularly are cleansing, toning with my one specific blemish-treating toner and exfoliating. I buy all these serums and oils and treatments but never stick to them. So lately I’ve been shopping my stash and that’s where this favourite came out of. I realized I need to be stricter with a morning skincare routine because in the mornings I stick to cleansing. So I thought I’d start by working in a toner and a moisturizer. I’ve heard amazing things about Serozinc from all my favourite British beauty gurus- and it seriously delivered. It promises to soothe and heal blemish-prone skin and that’s precisely what it’s done for me. I’ve started to seriously look forward to the cooling refreshing effect of this step, and the long term effects I’m seeing just keep me coming back for more!

FullSizeRender (30)

Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Water FoundationI think I’ve given this product the longest testing-out period than ever. Initially I completely hated it. My skin was going through a rough patch and this stuff firstly emphasized my pores and dry patches and where it didn’t do that it was too buy giving practically zero coverage. I was so excited for this foundation so I seriously wanted it to work out. As my skin balanced out things got better and better. I started to noticed an influx of compliments any day I would wear this; I’d be told my skin looked naturally flawless and like I had nothing on at all! Which is seriously exactly what I’m always after. The love affair ensued. It blends away like a dream on your skin, equalizing your tone and giving you a natural hydrated and plump skin finish. It is seriously seamless but also gives me the perfect coverage I need to cover my scarring! I may have just finally found a replacement for my seriously-loved Makeup Forever Face & Body! Obsessed!


Dove’s Refresh & Care Detox & Purify Dry ShampooWe all know how I feel about dove’s dry shampoo – all too well, I did dedicate one of my first posts entirely to it after all. So naturally, when I came across of a different edition to my usual basic version of it, I was dying to try it. This worked equally as amazing as my previous post raved about the other, with the added benefit of giving my hair a lightweight feeling. I’m not sure how to explain this, it just feels very light and gives my hair that freshly washed weightless hair feeling. Sorry if I sound completely crazy, but perhaps some of you will understand what I mean haha.


Too Faced Born This Way Concealer The hype surrounding this concealer was realer than ever, and following my love affair with the foundation- I was pumped to try this out, and it seriously exceeded my expectations. We all know I seriously struggle with my under-eyes, I generally have to deal with most concealers leaving them cakey or patchy. I’m going to start by pointing out some of the ingredients because I think they’re what gives such an amazing finish. This concealer is infused with skincare benefits; it has coconut water and alpine rose as well as hyaluronic acid. Now, this is so important because I seriously think it’s the coconut water that gives my under-eyes such a hydrated fresh look and the hyaluronic acid works to give a seriously plump and young look to them. This gives amazing coverage and gives my under-eyes the most flawless gorgeous finish, which I never thought I could achieve!


Nyx Lip Lustre in Rustic MirageThis product as well as the next were bought on a complete impulse. I had done no research and had never heard anything at all about it, but the colour was so intriguing and when swatched it seriously reminded me of a one-of-a-kind product I had recently fallen in love with. It’s happened guys, I’ve discovered a dupe and a post about this in more depth will come very soon. This is identical to the formula of Kylie’s lip glosses- let’s leave it at that. Not a day went by this month where I didn’t reach for this, it gives that perfectly hydrated and glossy lip I’m always after, and it hydrated my lips like no other! If that weren’t enough, I’m obsessed with this lip for the color alone! It is the perfect natural your-lips-but-better pink that I’m always searching for! It’s seriously worrying how obsessed with this product I am!


Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXLI’m so proud of this purchase. As I shared on instagram, Beauty Brands had their annual Lash Bash event with a selection of high-end mascaras all being sold for $10.99. I hadn’t heard much about this mascara but considering it promised volume and normally cost $28 -I had to go for it. I had zero expectations for this and it seriously blew me away. It gave the most amplified dramatic volume a mascara ever has, but surprisingly it managed to get away with that without giving me any clumps or spidery lashes. It gives a seamlessly perfect curl while separating your lashes and coating each one to give the most dramatic volume. The difference was so drastic that when I tried it on one eye and my favourite voluminous mascara on the other- I had to apply it to both because the drama was so unbalanced! BUY THIS!

Isn’t it just so funny how with every favourites I promise myself this one won’t be long, calm yourself Noha, let’s not write a medieval love poem after each product. Yet, here we are. If you’ve made it to this point then seriously thank you and god bless you haha. Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what products you’ve been loving for the month of August- and happy birthday to me (12 days ago but still)!




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  1. danniijane says:

    My birthday was mid-August so I’ve tried no birthday gifts out yet. Also I’m the same I love birthdays and gifts!☺ x


  2. anaveragewednesday says:

    I’m dying to try the Tarte foundation, it looks amazing! I’ve just uploaded my August favourites too – I’d love it if you could take a look! xx


  3. I had loads of August favourites too! I’m desperate to try a nyx lip product and if they’re good I might have to give it a go!x


  4. I love the tarte foundation as well! I like it when I feel like my skin can still breathe! Happy belated birthday!!!


    1. Thaank you! And exactly, you get it. It’s so rare to find a foundation that leaves you looking flawless while also feeling weightless aah love it xoxo


  5. Wow 😍😍 Great picks! I am definitely trying the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer 😊💞


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