Ipsy Claps Back…

With round three finally here, the battle of the boxes ensues. Unfortunately, Birchbox is just failing to pack enough punch to push Ipsy out of the ring. With the first battle giving Birchbox an easy and clear win, it’s lost its spark ever since and yet again Ipsy comes throuuuuugh! I can confidently say I am excited for every single one of these products and not only does that trump Birchbox, but it also trumps past Ipsy bags!


IT Hair Care 12-In-One Amazing Leave-in treatment I think we can agree that this brought It’s a 10 Miracle treatment to all of our minds. This instantly looked like a serious dupe, and my undying love for It’s a 10 makes me seriously excited fro this. This leave-in treatment promises to get ride of frizz, tangles, and brittle ends while giving body, shine, health, and repairing your dry or damaged hair. The list of duties goes on and on (actually it stops at 12, but yeah.) and I’m all for a leave-in-treatment to give my hair that extra shine while also treating it- so excited for this!


This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up I couldn’t even believe this product was in here! So far I hadn’t really gotten that many high-end products in my Ipsy bags so I was super excited to see this brand in here. This takes me back a few years back where it took the British beauty bloggers by a storm, they were all raving about this primer and the serious blurring and plumping effect it can have. When I looked into it further I was even more excited to find out it’s actually meant to be a mask-moisturizer-and-primer in one! Doesn’t that sound insane. It comes with a bunch of really good ingredients like hyaluronic acid, argan oil and caffeine! Seriously can’t wait to try this product, and if it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham it’s good enough for me!


Formula X Nail Polish in Dollface -Yes yes yesss!! I was so excited to see this product, I swear by Formula X nail polish it’s one of the best formulas out there. If that weren’t enough, this shade is timeless. It’s the perfect fresh looking summer shade but you can also rock it all year round as a classic elegant baby pink is guaranteed to class-up your look! Really excited for this neutral and for one of the few formulas that doesn’t chip on me!


NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam Yassss Ipsy, yasss! It just gets better and better. NYX has taken the drugstore beauty world over, it’s been raved about all year as one of the highest quality yet cheapest brands in the drugstore. This illuminator has been one of the many highly praised products they’ve brought out, and as you guys know I’m all about any and all forms of glow! This shade is a gorgeous golden peachy pearl that I’m so excited to pat on top of foundation or even mix into it to give me that natural radiant glow! Yay!


Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K,Bye –And ending with a bang, this bag comes with a full sized liquid lipstick. I meaaaaaaan. I’ve never heard of this brand before but the shade was so gorgeous I applied it the second I opened the bag. It is a perfect mauve-y nude that has 2016 written all over it. If that weren’t enough, the formula was insanely impressive. It reminds me of Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-Matte liquid lipsticks because it’s one of the rare few liquid lipsticks that is actually hydrating and doesn’t dry to a ultra-crackly-matte. Love it so far!

So yes, I think it’s kind of clear that Ipsy has been an easy win in every way possible. Seriously seriously impressive and I highly doubt either subscription is going to be able to top this next month!


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  1. Your title 😂😂😂 love this! I still can’t decide which sub box I want!


    1. If you’re in the US, definitely Ipsy. But from what I’ve seen in the UK, the birchbox is so so so much better! xoxo


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