Just Say Yes!

Millions of iPhone camera rolls have been jam-packed full of sheet mask selfies over the past year. They’ve definitely made their stamp on the beauty world. From hybrid ones to tissue ones to gel ones, sheet masks are so so in. I, myself am seriously guilty of falling victim to this hype. I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent this year on sheet masks, from gold-infused high end masks to ones for $3. Nothing seems to feel quite as relaxing or soothing as placing one of these on your face at the end of a long day and letting it sink in, almost always leaving your skin baby-soft and with a layer of serum for you to rub into your skin.


Recently I’ve been seriously fangirling over a specific drugstore sheet mask that has seriously done wonders for my skin. Yes To recently came out with a range of sheet masks for each of their different fruits/vegetables. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, lately I’ve been more prone to breakouts and so I’ve been struggling with that, which meant I went for the Yes To Tomatoes sheet mask. I thought this would help cure some of my breakouts, but this did so so so much more!

My first impressions were a bit confused, the mask is infused with tomato extracts and salicylic acid- and when I first applied it the scent was so strong, and when I say strong I mean it kind of burnt my eyes if that makes sense. So at first I was worried it would break me out even more or that it would be too harsh, but the opposite was what happened. It was seriously one of the most soothing sheet masks I have ever used. It helped calm down my angry breakouts and also the results were visible instantly- my skin looked fresh and clean and it helped any discoloration.


If the immediate results weren’t enough, I noticed the next morning how much my breakouts had gone down and how soft and exfoliated my skin felt.This stuff is seriously magical and I instantly went out and bought about 10 because I know that whenever my skin is going through a rough time or needs a pick-me-up this will be my go-to. Seriously impressed and I just thought I’d share my thoughts in case you were thinking about picking this one up- it’s definitely already a holy grail product for me!Β 


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  1. Saskia says:

    I love Yes To, but I’m not sure I can find their sheet masks here in Belgium. I hope I can because I’m dying to try them out X


    1. Awww hope you can, they’re seriously amazing! xoxo

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  2. Lynmed says:

    Omg it sounds absolutely amazing!!! 😍😍😍😍


  3. danniijane says:

    This sounds amazing! X


  4. Sharni Lee says:

    Ooooooh intriguing! I may have to try these masks out! X


  5. Miss Tapia says:

    I wish I could try these. I’ve only tried one sheet mask and within minutes,my skin was red and burning. I took it off immediately and the redness and pain lasted for hours! Now I stick to peel off masks!


    1. Ooooh would not recommend it then haha. Like I said, it is very chemical so maybe it would hurt you a bit? Try a more sensitive-skin-oriented sheet mask in the range first! xoxo


  6. Miss Tapia says:

    I am open to trying other brands sheet masks though! Forgot to put that in my other comment ~_~


    1. Tony Moly! It’s all about the tony moly masks. They’re seriously affordable and insanely high quality!


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