Ipsy September 2016 Unboxing

We have a little switch-eroo this week with Ipsy coming first! I wonder if this will switch things up with the final verdict too! As you know, (or at least I like to think there’s some elusive you that’s in this with me) Ipsy has beat Birchbox out easily over the past few months, but is there a chance that Birchbox  finally proves itself? I’m not gonna lie, this month is pretty promising- but you never know what to expect from Birchbox, perhaps they will finally prove themselves. Let’s jump right in!


Ulta3 Nail Colour in Sizzling Red –Ok, not the best start. Two factors of my personal preferences are not in favor of this product; I’m definitely not a fan of red nail polish unless we’re talking ox blood red, and I’ve never even remotely heard of this brand either. The formula seemed promising, I’m just not sure how much wear I’d get out of this- but I will test out the formula regardless- it did seem really opaque and as if it would only need one coat, so perhaps I can then turn to another shade from the range!

Pixi By Petra Mattelustre Lipstick in Rose Naturelle –Things are looking up! Finally a well-known brand I recognize, and one that I personally love! Not only that, but the shade of this is gorgeous! It’s the perfect vintage rose, reminiscent of an OG kylie lip shade, and just generally a flattering your-lips-but-better shade! The formula felt seriously hydrating but still gave a matte-ish finish, it made my lips look plump which I didn’t understand until I read the ingredients which included hyaluronic acid as well as vitamins C and E to smooth the surface! Obsessed with this formula, my only concern is I’m going to work through this within a matter of days- can’t seem to put it down!

Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner in Black –Ok, ok, I see you Ipsy. I definitely thought Pixi would be the peak of this bag, but this find was a pleasant surprise! I live for eyeko liquid liners, they never seem to fail me and I’ve always been curious to try the Eye Do liner. This swatched as the most intensely black I’ve ever gotten from a liquid liner marker, I was seriously impressed and it’s tip seems ideal to achieve a precise line. BONUS: It’s waterproof. Oh, yes.I hear such amazing things about this eyeliner and would have probably bought it myself one day, so this definitely upped Ipsy’s game a lot.

Buff Her House of Exfoliation Vanilla Almond Crumbles –So we’re back to unknown, but this brand description actually got me excited for this. I’ve never heard of the brand and I haven’t tried a powder exfoliator, so I was initially put off. Then I proceeded to read about how the brand was started by three esthetician sisters who each had different skincare concerns, from acne to rosacea, and they tried to formulate chemical-free and natural ingredients products. The scrub is infused with granules of sugar and rice and has an almond scent. I’m yet to test this out, but I’m surprisingly excited to try it!

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara in Super Black -Ok Birchbox definitely has to watch its back.Not only is this a seriously well-known brand, but this is definitely an infamous cult favourite of theirs. The Supehero mascara promises extreme volume and unbeatable length- as most do- but what’s unique about it is the set of ingredients it uses to achieve this; from peptides and proteins to biotin and collagen, this mascara is jam-packed full of good stuff and it’s evident in the effect! I usually have to let a mascara dry out for a while before truly loving it, but from the first swipe this stuff blew me away. It wrapped around each individual lash and gave me the most separation any mascara could achieve while also giving tons of volume! This mascara truly is heroic, and this product increased this bag’s amazingness by about 10 naughts!

So, overall this is definitely one of the best Ipsy bags I’ve gotten so far. It’s honestly hard to tell at this point, Birchbox is going to have to really pull out the stops to finally redeem itself. Only time will tell…


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  1. Tigritsa says:

    Now I really need to try this Eyeko liner. I love their mascara!


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