Rose Gold is A Girl’s Best Friend…

Let’s have a little experiment. If you have a beauty-dedicated Instagram as I do, open it up right now. Check your explore page or even your timeline. Give it a couple of scrolls. There it is; that aesthetically pleasing gold-flecked liquid. Slathered across lips, pumped onto a beauty blender, smoothed all over a makeup-free face; it’s bound to be there in any of it’s many uses. Now if you’re like me, this is an occurrence we face with every one of our countless Instagram check-ins throughout the day. So what is this mysterious unassuming little bottle and why is it everywhere? The odds are, if you’re like me, something else pops up in your explore daily; a gorgeous bronzed woman with the smoothest of skin and the healthiest of locks, often rubbing some strange concoction onto her face or hair or even armpits! The joys of a Farah Dhukai video are something we most share, I think. This Toronto-based beauty guru serves up daily life saving at home remedies to any and all beauty ailments- this woman can do anything with an activated charcoal tablet and some honey! As if that weren’t enough, Farah Dhukai took things a million steps further and brought to us one of the most revolutionary and unanimously-loved skincare products out there…

The Farsali 24k Rose Gold Elixir is a movement in and of itself. This little white bottle has spread faster than hyped up beauty product before it, and it has been so widely raved about and loved that it’s almost my duty as a beauty blogger to offer my input! Let’s start with the story, because it is actually super cute. It was actually Farah’s husband that founded Farsali, after watching his wife suffer from the millions of ailments us beauty-junkie’s experience; hyper-pigmentation, breakouts, flaky skin etc. He decided to suggest she incorporate a beneficial skincare concoction to her makeup- and with a simple husband’s response to a wife’s nagging, Farsali was born.


Ever since 2014 the Rose Gold Elixir has grown so rapidly that it’s deemed a holy grail product like no other by billions and billions of beauty-lovers. But why? It’s this very question that led me to buy my own little bottle (along with the volcanic overnight oil). I was critical but intrigued, a combination that can end either way. Doubts crossed my mind as well as high hopes; everything was silenced once I shook that little bottle, squeezed the dropper and slathered this gold flecked oil onto my skin. Love at first sight does exist, guys.

Instantly I could feel the smoothing effects it had, my skin felt supple and hydrated. It looked as though I had naturally healthy and plump skin and was glowing from within. It was actually magical. All my senses were satisfied with the sweet citrus-y scent it had. It was unreal, I immediately looked up the ingredients, what kind of sorcery was this?! With a base of Rosehip seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, 24k gold,orange peel oil, lemongrass oil, vitamin E, vitamin C.. Ok, ok I was beginning to understand! I proceeded to finish up my makeup and went on with my usual day- with one added unusual-ity. It was a day filled with compliments! I was repeatedly told how natural and flawless my base looked, and how supply and glowy my skin looked. What’s most shocking is that for the first time, I took these compliments happily; I believed them! My skin had never looked so good, I was glowing from within and my foundation applied seamlessly and had a second-skin effect.

I wish I could surprise you with a plot twist, but really things just got better and better. This oil has many uses and I tried every last one. I used it as a daily moisturizer, mixed in with my foundation, dotted onto my beauty blender, even as a lip treatment! Without fail,  it exceeded my every last expectation in every way I used it! In case you got this impression from Instagram, I’m here to confirm it; this stuff is absolutely magical! It is honestly one of a kind. If anything I’m just angry I tried it, because I know nothing can ever take it’s place now (and it doesn’t help that half the world thinks so too- it’s always sold out!!!) If you ever take anything from my blog, take this; buy this product ASAP! I can confidently 100% guarantee it will change your life!


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  1. I literally see Instagram videos of this oil a few times a day too. I think it’s time I try it out too!


    1. Definitely! It’s seriously amazing xoxo


  2. This is in my list.. I see it everyday on every IG videos.. Can’t wait..


    1. It’s seriously going to change your life! Thanks for reading xoxo


  3. I loved this! I’m definitely going to have to try xx


  4. glowwgirl says:

    SO glad you posted about this! Been wanting to try but it’s always out of stock. Can’t wait for the restock! x


    1. Watch out for that restock girrrl, it is seriously amazing! Thanks for reading xoxo

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    1. $35 or $54 for the bigger size 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Saskia says:

    I’ve seen this oil pass by so many times on instagram, I really need to try it out sometime. Lovely post


    1. You honestly do!! It’s going to change your life. thanks for reading xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ok I need this now! Ready for my life to be changed 🙂


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