Birchbox Blows Me Away..Finally!

The moment has finally come. After months of the same dreaded outcome; I’ve finally been surprised. With the unboxing of this month’s Ipsy, it was pretty evident that the outcome would be the same as always- WRONG! I can’t really believe I’m writing this, Ipsy’s bag was honestly even better than any of the previous ones I’ve loved, I highly highly doubted this, of all months, would be the one where Birchbox would come out on top- but it HAS! Yes, the moment is finally here, this month Birchbox has won! Don’t believe it? See for yourselves.


Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution –A certain trend begins with this product, and that trend is the fact that it’s almost as though this box were tailor-made for me! I’ve been whining to you guys for ages about my breakouts these past few months, and while my skin has finally calmed down, that all-too-familiar scarring has decided to linger a little longer. So, you can imagine this couldn’t have come at a better time. Kiehl’s is definitely a brand I would trust with my life, so to try out a product of theirs that targets my skin concerns already makes this box a winner for me! This concentrated serum targets stubborn sun spots and acne scars. My only concern is the size of the sample; I worry that it’s too little to truly test out it’s effectiveness, we will see!

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo-Now, we all know my loyalties lie with the Dove dry shampoo, but even I can’t deny I’ve always wanted to try this out! Everyone seems to rave about this Birchbox classic, and I must admit I have been tempted to go for it with every visit to Ulta. So I’m seriously excited to get to test this out before taking the plunge! This dry shampoo smells so fresh and phenomenal, and promises to refresh hair without residue. I’m very eager to try this out and let you guys know if it beats out my dearly beloved Dove (doubtful)!

LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil-I have to say, this is definitely the one product that fits in more with previous Birchboxes. While I’ve often heard and seen many beauty bloggers rave about this brand. and I have honestly always wanted to try it; this precise product is a serious let-down. I’m 100% not one for glossy bold lips, especially glossy red lips. This cherry red glossy lip crayon is basically my worst nightmare. There’s just something about it that seriously clashes with me. SO I’ll definitely be giving this product away, it is absolutely not for me!

Milk Makeup Highlighter- Aaaaand we’re back. When this month’s sample choices came around, I couldn’t even believe that Milk makeup would be involved. Milk has taken the beauty world by a storm over the last few months, and especially with their highlighters! The choice was a no-brainer and I’m so ecstatic to try this out. This swatched gorgeously, smooth as ever and packing the most beautiful light-catching glow! The ideal strobing product I can already tell, because it gives the most flawless dewy sheen while also hydrating with all the lovely ingredients in it!

Oribe Cote d’Azur Replenishing Body Wash & Restorative Body Creme-. This was definitely one of the most expensive samples in the box and certainly one of the most exciting- I think you can get an idea by the fact that I ripped this open and used it before even writing this! Oribe just screams luxury to me. I’ve never tried any of their products so I was seriously excited to finally test something out! This addictive mix of bergamot, black currant, sicilian orange, sandalwood and amber is enough to keep you coming back for more- but the product itself is amazing. The body wash was so seriously nourishing, and this body cream left my skin with all-day suppleness and protection! It’s just too bad this stuff was all gone with one use- but a seriously impressive product to find in here!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser –Lastly, but the polar opposite of least; this is hands down my favourite product in here. I’m honestly convinced that this was planned for me because this precise item has been in my Birchbox cart for ages now! The UK beauty bloggers have talked my ear off about this and I’ve been so unbelievably eager to try it! I couldn’t even believe it was in here until I saw it with my own eyes! Not only that, but it came with a muslin cloth! I’m beyond excited to try this out and I can pretty much guarantee I will have this in full size before my next box even comes!

So there you have it, Birchbox finally on top! It was honestly such an overwhelming win- I just can’t wait to see what next month has in store for us!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. chloebeauty7 says:

    I love your pictures so much and the little tag at the end of your posts 💞


  2. jessx1997 says:

    I love your blog so much, great post! x


  3. danielladelorenzo says:

    I have yet to try out Milk Cosmetics! Have you tried it out yet? I love Oribe, it’s the only brand I use for styling my hair. Have you heard of their hair/body’s amazing! They are pricey but soo worth it!


  4. Let me know how you go with the Liz Earle! X


  5. InTheShadeIvory says:

    What an amazing box,great post 😌


  6. Lise says:

    I’ve heard so many praise this box, good to hear that they finally stepped up their game a bit x


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