The Ride or Die Makeup Tag…

She took over the highlight game and made it her own, but apparently that just wasn’t enough. Somehow, this unassuming little red head manages to keep her name slipping into almost every makeup-related conversation. First she brought us Champagne pop, and now the tag of all tags; the ride or die makeup tag. It’s baffling actually that this tag hasn’t been created before, but luckily we have Jaclyn Hill to answer all our wishes. Finally the beauty blogger tag game was taken over- and rightfully so, this tag is the ultimate makeup-lover’s tag. It’s simple enough, you have 15 categories of every kind of makeup category- choose your holy grail, ride or die, favourite of all time product in that category! I’m personally obsessed with watching and reading everyone’s rendition of this tag- it’s just the best way to get an overall idea of the person you’re watching/reading’s makeup favourites of all time, which in the beauty community, says a lot about a person! So I’ve just had to take a stab at it, and if I’m honest it only took about 5 minutes to choose the products- I know my holy grails, and I know them very well! So let’s jump right in.

*note: for some of the products, I’ve already dedicated blog posts declaring my love for them, so I will simply link the related blog posts rather than repeat!!

1. Primer 


Ok, I cheated. I had to! Too Faced’s HangoveRx primer has been a ride or die for ages to me. Actually the two products in this photo are one of the only beauty products I’ve ever repurchased- and multiple times at that! I think of HangoveRx as a do-it-all kind of primer. It gives your skin that much-needed pick me up and cure-all before applying your base. I feel that it hydrates my skin and de-congests it, as well as smoothing it out and evening out my skin tone. I think what made me fall in love with this most was just how my makeup would sit on top of it- it just seems to improve the finish and longevity of any and every foundation I’ve ever used! I will definitely be repurchasing this until the day I die!! As for the wet n wild primer- here’s an in-depth review and love letter I wrote to it

2. Foundation


This foundation has changed my life (always with the dramatics). This finish is like no other! Despite the fact that I’m oily I hate matte finishes on foundations, I still like retain some hydration and dewiness in my makeup. So you can imagine I was hesitant to try this product, but alas for the sake of satisfying my makeup obsession – I had to. And my, oh my was it worth the try. Can I just note, I have never gone through an entire foundation or even come close, and I only have a couple more uses left of this. Poreless, hydrating, smooth, flawless, buttery, matte while still dewy. All words that accurately describe the finish this foundation gives. I realized how much this foundation meant to me (haha I can’t deal with myself) when I realized that any time an occasion came up or I wanted to look good on that day, I would always unhesitatingly reach for it because I just knew  I could 100% rely on it. To me, that is a holy grail product. The coverage is perfect, I’d say medium but builds up beautiful. Longevity is like nothing I’ve experienced before. And the shade range is amazing as are all the fit me lines. Only only only fault I can possibly find is the lack of a pump, but I would gladly deal with that considering how amazing it makes my skin look.

3. Concealer


Now, this was actually a surprising realization. When it came down to concealer I was dumbstruck, and so I decided to go with the one I use most. It was then that I realized how much I actually love this concealer, you know that one product that you don’t realize that you naturally use on important days- it’s one of those. I know that if I need my makeup to look good that day, I will use this. I’ve recently started to turn to it daily, and honestly love it more than any high end concealer I’ve ever tried. Which is evident by the fact that I currently have 4 backups of this! Here’s another review I wrote of this product

4. Face Powder


This is easily one of my randomest holy grail products, I’m well aware. I can confidently say I have never heard anyone talk about this, I purchased it when I hardly knew much about makeup, and I haven’t found it anywhere since- the epitome of a random product. But somehow, I can’t explain why, this is my favourite face powder of all time. It completely smooths out and blurs out any imperfections, and it’s just so lightweight. Most powders make my skin look cakey but if anything this one makes it look healthier and more youthful! I love that it’s translucent too! I just honestly use this pretty much everyday- if you ever come across it, tell me first, and then buy it!

5. Under Eye Setting Powder


Here you go 🙂 

6. Blush


This is getting way too long, so here you go again haha 🙂

7. Bronzer


This one is almost as random as the face powder, but even more impossible to get a hold of, I’m afraid. It was limited edition, but I have a theory that Sephora’s usual bronzer is the same product- a theory I’ll probably never get a chance to test because look how humongous this is! The day that I hit a tiny bit of pan on this was honestly a miracle. This is easily the one product I own that I have used every single time I wear makeup for over a year. Crazy, I know. It is the perfect, ideal bronzer tone that I have never ever found anything to compare to. I don’t personally contour, I just put bronzer in my contours and this is perfect for that because it is just the right balance between cool and warm. It just gives my skin the most beautiful color and I can’t seem to put this down!

8. Highlight 


Don’t let the shattered state I left it in discourage you, this was the easiest ride or die for me to pick out! Champagne pop, need I say more. This is the ultimate highlighter of all highlighters. It is literally like a flash of light across your cheekbones. The most gorgeous butter glow that catches every light in the room! Can’t wave enough about this

9. Mascara


Anyone that knows me, has heard about Lóreal’s telescopic carbon black. This is easily the best mascara I have ever tried. It gives the most intense blackest length as well as volume. So often, mascaras advertise themselves as giving you a false-lash look, but this one actually does it! No joke, your lashes will multiply and flutter like no other, it holds a curl beautifully as well as giving you length upon length! Absolute best!

10, 11, 12. Lipstick, Liquid Lipstick and Lip Gloss!


Lipstick,  Liquid lipstick, Lip Gloss

13. Eyeshadow Palette


Yes, I cheated. I had to, you’ll forgive me. 

14. Setting Spray


My beloved 💕

15. Perfume


I still remember the first time I heard Jaclyn Hill rave about this random Anthropologie find, and I knew it was made for me. I’m all about vanilla. It is easily my absolute favourite scent, the only problem is vanilla scented perfumes are often too sickly, and smell more like vanilla extract to me if that makes any sense. This is the cheapest but most amazing perfume I have ever owned. I already have a back up waiting because I honestly cannot live without this. it is the most vanilla-y of vanilla scents. But I honestly think even those that aren’t huge fans of  vanilla would absolutely love this, it’s such a deep sophisticated scent, and I honestly just spray it every day to keep me happy! That’s how much I love it.

So that’s that! Sorry for how long this was, I tried to keep the rambling to a minimum- which is really hard for me, as you know!! Let me know some of your ride or die products- or do the tag yourself and send me a link in the comments!! I’d love to read it.


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  1. danniijane says:

    Great tag. I so enjoyed reading it and seeing what you love. I need to try that primer!😊 x


  2. My champagne pop shattered as well 😭😭😭 RIP. I’m going to have to pick up those lipsticks! The colors are sooooooo pretty


  3. FashionDiaries says:

    lovely post ❤


    1. Thanks for reading xoxo


  4. Your poor Champagne Pop 😦 it’s the best product ever. x


    1. Hahaha I know right! All my becca products shatter so quickly! Thanks for reading xoxo


  5. beautybyadutchgirl says:

    I ♥ to read this!!


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