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In case you’ve ever wondered, that featured image to the left (or north, if you’re on your phone) is pretty much what a blog-writing day looks like for me, aka everyday. Coffee is necessary, my planner to scribble into is a must; but the most constant element has and always will be a vlog playing in the background. I’m clearly all about the beauty videos life (or else why would I even be here) but there’s just something about vlogs that I’m absolutely addicted. It’s actually gotten to the point where I’m usually far behind on main channel videos, because I’m too busy watching that YouTuber’s vlogs! It’s problematic mostly because my need to constantly have them on, often means repeatedly re-watching a 2014 Vlogmas- I have a problem. So I thought I’d talk on here about my personal recommendations should you choose to dabble in the world of vlogs- these three are definitely my all-time favourite vloggers, two of whom’s old videos I’ve actually re-watched  about 5 times. So let’s get into it!

1. Zoella 


I’m sure an introduction isn’t needed here; considering her 11 million followers, numerous beauty ranges, and overall infamy I’m sure you’re all very familiar with this little face! Zoella’s vlogs are definitely one of the first I’d ever watched- I’m pretty sure I’ve watched more of her vlogs than her main channel videos (not really a fan of them if I’m honest). Now I figured this blog post is going to be hard to write- because how do you describe what you love about a video of someone just living their lives haha. Personally, when it comes to vlogs I actually have a preference for those of people that spend more time at home than adventurous people that have exciting lives. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I relate to them more; but a good vlog to me is basically a day spent at home with a lunch or dinner outing (this is getting weird, I knew this post would be weird to write).


So as exciting as Zoella’s life may seem; her vlogs are actually generally her spending time with loved ones, and mostly at home.  I just love all her friends and family and there’s nothing more pleasant than just watching people have fun in each other’s company and just have a laugh. Zoella’s vlogs are definitely the perfect balance between an active life without being adventurous, which is what I prefer- I’m actually currently on my second rewatch and I’m all the way back at Vlogmas 2014 haha. Definitely check hers out if you’re a fellow vlog lover!

2. Hello October 


Ladies, I’d like to introduce you to possibly one of the most lovable, classy women you’ll find on YouTube! Suzie from Hello October is honestly just one of the loveliest people I watch- I categorize her with Vivianna of The Anna Edit and Alix of icovetthee. These ladies are just so genuine and decent, and honestly classy doesn’t even begin to describe them. I just absolutely love watching and reading their content- they’re seriously so relatable and just simple. I tend to prefer British YouTubers to American ones- it depends on what you’re in the mood for, and I tend to lean towards the more calm and relatable whereas often the American YouTubers are very over the top and unique and quirky- which is sometimes exactly what I’m in the mood for.


Suzie’s vlogs are very different to the other two ladies in this post. Her life is definitely a lot calmer but I honestly love to watch nothing more than when writing a beauty post. She’s just very well-rounded in terms of the fact that she is honestly the epitome of a prototypical beauty blogger haha. Seriously beautiful content, and just very elegant in what she produces. It’s honestly impossible to explain, as you can tell haha, so I’d just definitely recommend watching her for your dose of a beauty blogger you can strive to be more like!

3. Gabriella from Velvetgh0st 


I’ve saved my favourite for last. Now Gabby is a very acquired taste, I say this because I know a few of my friends cannot stand her (which is very telling considering what Im about to say haha). I can sum up my love for Gabby and her vlogs as being basically because she is practically me. I have never watched anyone and felt as though we are so alike that we practically have the same mind. From favourite music, favourite shows to just opinions on matters to insecurities to anxiety- I honestly just really connect with her.Now Gabby is also entirely different to the past two- I’d say her vlogs are a lot closer to Zoella’s minus the extra people haha.


Similar to  mine, Gabby’s life generally revolves around her living alone spending most of her time either watching TV or working on beauty content with a few scattered work out attempts; honestly completely sums me up haha. Whether through her anxiety struggles or her eating habits- there’s just something about her vlogs that I relate to, and when I watch them it genuinely feels like just hanging out with her rather than watching her. So I’ve always loved to either sit down and watch her vlogs during a meal or have them on in the background as I get on with what is usually pretty much the exact same as what’s going in her vlogs. So watch her, and maybe we’ll realize you and I have a lot more in common than we thought 🙂

So that’s all. I understand this post is very different to my usual content, but it’s very much a part of my life and these 3 women are all beauty bloggers/YouTubers after all- so that seems relevant to me haha. Let’s talk about vlogs below- I’d love to know which you love or whether you like vlogs at all!


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  1. lovejennyxo says:

    i love the layout of your blog, it looks SO GOOD- wow!
    I always loved the idea of vlogging but its just so hard to find time to film and edit etc….i wonder how they do it! blogging works just as well anyways i suppose lol

    xo, JJ


  2. sittingintheclouds says:

    Love gabby!!! One of my favs! She doesn’t have another subs if I’m honest 🙈


  3. danniijane says:

    Great post. I love Zoella’s vlogs💕 x


  4. Great post! I have only heard of zoella and I love her vlogs. I will have to check out these other girls!


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