Ipsy October Unboxing..

For once, I think we finally have a tie. It was hard to tell with my Birchbox unboxing , the verdict was definitely split right down the middle with a couple of great products and some disappointing ones- and the same goes for this month’s Ipsy! After months and months of declaring a winner, I’m finally here to say they’ve both tied- maybe after this month competition will resume haha. I would say that perhaps Birchbox has done slightly better only considering the fact the exciting products are a tad bit more exciting than Ipsy’s- let’s see what you’ll all think…


Teeez Cosmetics Eve’s Ready To Wear Lipstick in Romantic Red –Now at first I thought this would be a disappointing product, the packaging was seriously off-putting and it seemed to be a moisturizing red which as I always say, I only do matte reds. But, when I swatched this I kind of changed my mind a little. It was the perfect perfect blue red that was just honestly so flattering- and when I blotted it the shine went away and it was actually a gorgeous red lip. It’s seriously long lasting- when fading away it definitely left a very potent stain as well as one that wouldn’t wash off my hand for days! So, initially disappointing but I think I could actually get a lot of use out of this, and it is full sized so that’s a yay!

Promise Organic Nourishing Coconut Milk Face Lotion with Hibiscus- I know you shouldn’t knock it till you try it, but this product was just super disappointing to me. I don’t know the brand, it doesn’t sound like a product I’d ever use, and it didn’t feel great on my hand- all the factors that could possibly go wrong with a beauty subscription product. I mean I own it now so I’ll probably try to give it a chance a few times, but it just doesn’t seem like anything I’d ever use- the coconut factor is definitely appealing, and I’m always experimenting with pre-makeup moisturizers but it just was too lotion-y, does that  make sense? It was too watery and yet I could feel it there, it wasn’t weightless.. Just not for me, unfortunately!

INSPR Duo Powder in Dark Brown-The bad gets worse. Now, this was really the worst product in here- but for different reasons. Unlike usual, this isn’t bad and it isn’t that I don’t know the brand (although I actually don’t) but it’s because I don’t do my brows! I specifically mentioned in my sign up to Ipsy that I do not use brow products so I honestly don’t understand why this was in here! Unfortunately, nothing to even say about this because I’ll be giving it to a friend.

NUDESTIX Concealer Pencil in Light 2- Things are looking up! Now this is actually confusing, because on one side I have always heard so much about this brand and I’m really excited to try it out, but on the other I am a bit worried that a crayon won’t bode well under my eyes. I swatched this on my hand and it was actually surprisingly creamy, and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this to cover up blemishes, but probably not undereyes. Still excited to try the brand out, and this seems to be a full size too!

Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner in Trooper –Ending with a bang! This was seriously exciting- I constantly repurchase this and it is my holy grail eyeliner, so I’m over the moon to have a cute little mini version to keep me going before my next repurchase! Can’t sing it’s praises enough- this is the absolute best liquid liner you will ever use, but beware you will NEVER be able to go back to any of your old holy grails once you try this- trust me!

So I guess after writing this I’m realizing that perhaps this was worse than Birchbox? I honestly don’t know, it’s getting too hard to tell! What do you guys think 🙂


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the lipstick you got in this one!


  2. danniijane says:

    The bag itself is cute, it’s a shame some of the products are disappointing. Ending with a KVD eyeliner is great. I so need to try it x


  3. These were awesome!!!!!!


  4. I like your Ipsy bag way better than mine! I only loved one product, and liked another. The rest I’m going to be passing onto someone (probably my mother).


  5. CleiaBeautyBlog says:

    I was hoping for the eyeliner and the Nudestix pencil! It seemed like a mixed bag for everyone this month =/


  6. annasbeautyspace says:

    I’ve always wanted to try out this subscription box!


  7. Lovely post! I love reading these even though I don’t subscribe. The Kat von d liner is definitely the high point! Lovely post


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