Signed, Sealed,Duped; Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Dolce Vita…

Yes, you read right, a Charlotte Tilbury dupe has been discovered. A few years back when Charlotte released her makeup line she took the beauty world by storm; immediately earning a place as one of the most sought after luxury brands. Now when I say luxury, I mean seriously expensive (although ever since, Natasha Denona has definitely upped the game on how highly you can price makeup). I don’t know if you feel the same, but I distinctively remember the eyeshadow palettes and the light wonder skin bases as the first few releases. They were everywhere, and everyone was raving and raving about the formula, the shades, the glitter’s intensity; it was just getting impossible to resist. Yet, somehow I managed to talk myself out of it every time. Swatching but never buying.

The Dupe


I was fortunate enough to receive a PR package from Fiona Stiles beauty recently, I had often seen the brand in Ulta but didn’t know much about it so my expectations weren’t high at all; although with what I received, I’m sure that it would’ve exceeded them even if they were. I was seriously so far beyond impressed from the second I unboxed the package. The packaging was so luxurious and gorgeous that I instantly grabbed my phone to check the price range; when I saw that this palette was only $28 my jaw physically dropped. I could not believe it. This sleek heavy geometric packaging looked as if it belonged in the highest end category in Sephora. I was already sold. I was most drawn to this palette and as I opened it I realized how tailor made for me it was; the perfect neutral shades, and a gorgeous deep matte brown, I would love this anytime of year but I was also so excited that it was very fall appropriate! I proceeded to swatch the shades, and my jaw practically cracked open. The formula of these shadows is honestly some of the most finely milled, buttery, creamy, smooth textures I’ve ever experienced in an eyeshadow. It is honestly comparable to my all-time favourite formula; Morphe Brushes, and it even compares to my recent love the Ultimate Basics palette.

How Is It A Dupe? 


What struck  me about the palette instantly was the similarities it held to the Charlotte Tilbury palettes- even only visually, it’s quad nature looked very similar. Then once I fell in love with the formula, it reminded me of how creamy and buttery the Charlotte Tilbury shadows were. So I automatically felt it was a dupe solely based on that; then further examining the shades and comparing them to the shades available in the Luxury Palettes, I realized that this is possibly one of the most spot on dupes I have ever discovered. Considering the vast price difference; you are all very welcome for this discovery!!

The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette has possibly been one of the most spoken about within the range, and personally it’s the one I lusted after most. It comes with the most gorgeous champagne/cool toned shimmer colour- perfect for a base or for your inner corner! Then the shade I probably love most is the gorgeous deep sheeny autumnal brown/maroon hybrid- absolutely gorgeous and a perfect fall shade. There’s also a very intense packed bronze/copper glitter pigment (which is the only thing missing from the Fiona Stiles palette), and finally a cooler and dark deep intense brown. The Fiona Stiles palette is most comparable to this palette with the three sheen shades- the taupey champagne shade is almost identical and the gorgeous autumnal reddy brown shade is identical. The third cooler deep brown is where it gets interesting- now the way I see it is that packing the matte shade on, and then topping it with the lighter deep sheeny brown would give the effect of that final Charlotte Tilbury shade. You can see that the cool sheeny colour in Fiona Stiles is slightly darker than the CT one, so layering could help achieve a similar finish look. Now where it lacks in a glitter pigment, the Fiona Stiles palette offers a matte perfect brown crease shade- which I think most of you will agree is actually even more exciting. Having a matte shade to balance out all the shimmers is just what this palette needs!

Swatch Comparison 


I apologize for the difference in order- the palettes are both laid out differently. But I think it’s clear enough to see which shade matches with which. These swatches seriously help to see how much of a dupe this is- especially pigment and formula wise, considering that the CT photos are professionally taken and high quality, in comparison to mine which are definitely a lot less professional haha- and yet they still look pretty close!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Saskia says:

    I definitely want to try out both Fiona Stiles and Charlotte Tilbury products! Lovely post X


  2. Amber says:

    Wow, great dupe! I have a couple of the Fiona Stiles palettes and love them. What’s the name of this one? Sorry if I missed it! I didn’t see it if you listed it. Thanks!


  3. Wow that’s a really awesome find! Fiona stiles isn’t a brand I have heard much about but I will definitely be trying her products out!


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