October Favourites 2016

Yet again, this was one of those months where I did not even realize how much I had been loving these products until this moment came. Each of these products have been used daily (or at least every time I’ve had to apply any makeup), I cannot seem to put them down and yes, yes that is my ex-nemesis; the Gleam glow kit. Give me a chance to explain myself haha.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit- Let’s just get right into the confusion I’ve caused by putting this in here. Yes, I dedicated an entire post to talking about how much I disliked these highlighters and it’s certainly gathered a lot of dust over the past few months. The recent love affair began one day when I couldn’t find my Champagne Pop and it was the only highlighter around so I figured why not- and what I thought would be a tragic decision actually made my makeup look a million times better. I’ve only ever dabbled in peach or champagne toned highlighters, I tend to stay away from cool toned whites or pinks- wrong call. I was obsessed with the gorgeous cool sheen it gave my cheek tops- it was almost holographic and just really flattered my skin tone. For weeks I didn’t even try to find my Champagne Pop- I have finally given into the hype. I’m still not 200% sold on the formula, but the colour and effect it gives makes it so worth it!


Tarte Tarteist Paint Palette- Now you all know I’ve had my heart set on the Tarte holiday range for a while now, but this was actually the last one I thought I would buy. I was more drawn to some of the other palettes in the range; but I decided to be realistic with myself and knew that this palette had more shades that I would actually use. Thank god for that. No matter what eyeshadow I have used this past month- I will always incorporate at least one or two shades from this bad boy. It’s absolutely gorgeous (you can see a closer up photo on my instagram ) every single shade is beautiful and the formula is better than any Tarte eye shadows I’ve ever used- so so creamy and pigmented. The shimmers apply gorgeously- they give a perfect sheen rather than a chunky glitter look. That warm brown/red on the bottom is basically what my entire world revolves around lately- in case you were wondering. Also this may be silly but I LOVE that the shades are written on there- with most larger palettes I have, the names usually arent there so I appreciate that. But what’s so amazing about this set is everything is bomb! I love the mini face palette even more than the eyeshadow- I’ve used that bronzer and blush every single day and actually already purchased a full size of the blush, it’s a gorgeous naturally flushed blush that pairs perfectly with any bold fall lip. Doesn’t stop here- the mascara!!! I’m officially obsessed with Tarteist mascara it is honestly the blackest black and leaves you with the most fluttery false-looking lashes ever!


Pixi by Petra Hydrating Milky Mist-This was a seriously random purchase for me at the beginning of the summer, I hadn’t heard anything about it but considering that I usually love a spritz of thermal water before starting my makeup routine, I though this could be a more moisturizing and hydrating replacement for that- and that’s exactly what I got! This gives a serious surge of hydration, my skin just completely drinks it up and I’m left with glowy plump skin thanks to the hyaluronic acid in it! It’s a serious must-have first step and even to spray throughout the day to give your skin a little boost of hydration and glow!


Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer- Anyone that knows me know the long desperate journey to buying this. Ever since the PR packages were received by my favourite YouTubers, I’ve had my heart set on this concealer. I (as always) convinced myself it would change my life and I needed it ASAP. Of course the universe had an alternate plan for me- they took ages to be found in stores and when they were they would always be completely sold out!! I would only ever find a shade that would practically be a contour shade on me. Finally one day, when I was practically broke, I was scrolling through Ulta and remembered my obsession and decided to just check again because why not; and there it was, every shade in stock! So I skipped lunch and went for it. This is like nothing I’ve used before. First of all it’s two times the size of any normal concealer, the doe-foot applicator is the size of my usual concealers haha. The formula is seriously so high coverage but still hydrating and creamy- it gives the most supple refreshed looking under-eyes. Can’t put this down!

It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara- You may recognize this from my September Ipsy where it was the product that practically made the bag for me! I’d heard so much about this and it impressed me so much- especially considering how high my expectations were. As promised, this seriously stretches out your lashes and gives them such fluffy length but it also just really volumizes each individual lash. Really dramatic effect, and I’m definitely buying a full size ASAP!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. johnnielynn says:

    I love Anastasia highlighters… I almost bought that tart kit, last week. I switched it out by plan on getting in the next few weeks…


  2. danniijane says:

    You have some great faves. I still need to try a Becca or Anastasia highlighter but I need too☺ x


  3. I need that concealer!!!


  4. My goodness. That Tarte palette 💗💗💗💗


  5. I think you just might have ignited my want of getting that Tarte concealer. I am having trouble of getting it too. 🙂


  6. Dana Diaries says:

    The glow kit is amazing! Seriously one of the best bunch of highlighters out there!


  7. I’m going to have to search for that hydrating mist 😍 it will be perfect for the winter 🙌🏻


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