First Sephora Play Unboxing!

The wait is finally over- literally, I’m off the wait list. I placed my email in the Sephora play wait list sometime around August when I discovered it; needless to say, it took a while. I finally received the long awaited email last month and got my first box a couple of weeks ago! Now I have some mixed feelings about this. While compared to my Ipsy and Birchbox, I certainly got more quality products (which is precisely why I was so excited for a Sephora box), however I do think I was unlucky enough to sign up during a relatively underwhelming month. I’ve seen past boxes and they’ve all been equally as exciting- this one not so much. But as I said, I still love it more than my Birchbox and Ipsy, especially considering it’s at the same price point! So let’s finally see whats in here!!


Smashbox Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick in Driver’s Seat- The box definitely starts with a bang! This relatively recent release is definitely raved on and on about- and I’ve always been really eager to try out the formula, because I’m never sure of the swatches. While the shade isn’t what I’d usually go for, I still consider this an amazing product to have in here. So already, I was happy with my decision. I’ve only tried this once, and I can say the formula is definitely a comfortable liquid lipstick which can be rare; and it is seriously seriously long lasting, it leaves your lips stained which is a must for me!

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil-I’ve said it before and I’ll say it for the millionth time, hair masks excite me very much. I always tell you guys how un-exciting hair products are to me, but I tend to make an exception for hair masks. I’ve come across this brand in Sephora but never heard much of it, all I know is that it’s luxurious so I’m down. Now, I will say that I think a lot of you will struggle with the smell- it 100% smells like old ladies. There’s no two ways about it- it is a powdery floral old lady mess. But if I’m honest, I find it comforting in a strange way. It promises to stengthen hair while enhancing color and shine- so I’m definitely excited to see what it does for me!

Skin Inc. Pure Revival Peel- The word ‘Peel’ is honestly music to my ears recently. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the best peel product, I’m terrified to use them but I’m determined to try this fad out. I was beyond excited to find this in my box- because it’s one of the products that just kept coming up during my research! I’ll keep you posted as soon as I try this out- but I have really high hopes for it. It claims to slough away dead skin cells and reveal a brighter renewed complexion, as most peel products do. We’ll see, but I’m very excited!

Blinc Mascara Amplified- I’m a serious mascara junkie. I think it’s honestly one of the products I buy most frequently- you can just never have too many and they all seem to do different things. SO I’m always happy to see any kind of mascara in these boxes. I’ve heard a lot about blinc beauty but never really tried it, so I’m excited to test one of their products out. The brush seems pretty generic- so I’m not sure this’ll be too revolutionary. What’s interesting about this mascara though (although quite gimicky) is it’s promise to be seriously easy to remove using a “tube technology” it apparently will not smudge, run or flake and will simply slide off using warm water. So that’s intriguing- we’ll see!

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb- Yes yes yes!! I’ve heard so much about this product these past few months- it’s been all the rage on Sephora, and recommended by so many people. This Korean gem promises a seriously intense dose of moisture and hydration, while also feeling weightless. I can already tell this is an accurate description- it’s gel like texture makes it super lightweight, and it blends away like a dream just allowing your skin to completely drink it up! Cannot wait to try this one!

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris- Yes, this product did not even make it long enough to be in the photo haha. I’m not the kind of person that experiments with scents- I know what I like and I tend to stick to it. I lean towards the fruity or the vanilla, that’s it. But when I first sprayed this, I was instantly in love. The description of this is “fruity and floral notes over a musky base” which even just reading, I’d know that I won’t like it. But I absolutely loved this- I worked through it in two days, and I think I’ll actually purchase this. It’s hard to describe scents so just give this one a whiff next time you see it!


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  1. I loved the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask in mine!


  2. I love Smashbox’s Always On line! The last thing I need is more lipstick, but I’m intent on building my collection of these!


  3. Oh wish I could get this!!!! Xoxo xxxxxx


  4. Great post! ❤ xoxo


  5. humandesire4 says:


  6. You got some great goodies! Sephora play is the only box I would consider signing up for!
    Lovely post!


  7. fadedrouge says:

    that smashbox liquid lipstick looks beautiful!


  8. The concept of these type of boxes is amazing, yet I’ve still never tried one!! Definitely going to look into signing up at some point thanks to this post xx


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