Worth The Hype? Morphe Palettes

We’ve all seen it. That not-so-elusive gorgeous 35 pan black plastic palette has been plastered all over social media as well as YouTube for as long as I can remember. This unassuming little rectangle has managed to earn itself one of the most infamous cult followings throughout the beauty world. Aside from it’s aesthetically pleasing nature- the shades in every palette are absolutely gorgeous – the core of the appeal of these palettes has been concerning their quality considering their price point. 35 gorgeous and heavily-used shades is amazing enough, but to pay only $22.99 for the quality you get? It’s no wonder this brand has managed to hold onto the hype for over 2 years now. Almost absolutely everyone has given their say on these bad boys, I can confidently say I haven’t heard a single person speak negatively about them. Being an avid supporter of them and daily user- I figured it’s about time I weighed in.

Along with most of Morphe’s biggest fans, I joined the hype with Jaclyn Hill’s ravings about them and finally her release of her collaboration with them. The collaboration that haunts those of us that didn’t get our hands on it till this day! She raved about their brushes and most importantly the quality of the shadows. Jaclyn, along with everyone else that discovered them, would go on and on about the insane pigmentation and creamy formula. But then again, it’s rare to find someone willing to criticize such a hyped up product- if you didn’t like it, surely you got a dud? After the Jaclyn Hill palette sold out repeatedly I gave up on the dream, I was fine with Urban Decay and Too Faced’s finest- it probably wouldn’t have been that good considering how cheap it is anyway, right? I was so wrong.


A year ago, the hype surrounding the Morphe 35O palette actually managed to exceed the past collab. Again, Jaclyn commandeered this hype using it repeatedly as her go-too holy grail palette. With such a gorgeous range of shimmery and matte warm shades- she wasn’t alone for long. This one I needed to have. So I got my hands on it ASAP and I’m pretty sure that I haven’t not used it for my makeup a single time since. No matter what other palettes I’m using, I will always go back to it for at least a shade or two. I was so infatuated that I went on to pick up the cooler toned palette 35P which was mainly pink/purple shades, and then later on decided to go for the Morphe 35O in matte.

This palette has easily transformed my makeup game. Every single shade is just the most insanely perfect version of that color you’ll ever see- if that makes sense. The shade range is just pure perfection- just look up a few photos and you’ll get what I mean. Honestly, I’d probably have continued purchasing from them solely based on the color selections. But unbelievably so, that’s actually one of the least relevant factors behind my love for it. I have said this time and time again to everyone I know and I will say it here- this is hands down the best eyeshadow formula I have ever tried. Morphe gives the perfect balance of creaminess and finely milled powder. It applies so smoothly, hardly any blending would be required if it weren’t for the pigmentation… The bold statements are back- because this is easily also the most pigmented eyeshadow I’ve ever used. What I love so much about it is that it isn’t the overwhelming, messy kind of pigmentation- it just packs a dramatic amount of punch but is manageable if used gently and can easily be blended away smoothly if over applied.


My love for these palettes has just failed to fade away even slightly. I’m constantly replacing makeup with new obsessions and makeup is generally interchangeable for me depending on the day. But the truth is, no matter how hard I try to stick to one palette- I cannot go a day without incorporating my Morphe palettes in somehow. I just know I can rely on them to give me perfection and no other eyeshadow seems to quite measure up- so I need to at least use one Morphe shade to help out. I could honestly go on forever- but what I’m really here for is to be that final push to convince you that it honestly is worth it and that the hype is real. It’s often hard for us to trust sponsored famous beauty gurus- but trust this little nobody when she says, these palettes will change your life!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. I love my 35W palette 🙂


  2. I love my Morphe 35T palette. They are awesome 🙂 like brand. And the brushes are cool and good


  3. Daniela says:

    I love my Morphe palettes. The quality cannot be beaten for the price.


  4. CayleeRenee says:

    So, what you’​re telling me is that I NEED this pallete in my life? Another thing on the Christmas​ list. Great post. ❤️❤️


  5. Melrika Blog says:

    Very informative post, thank you for writing this! You’ve just convinced me to order from Morphe now 😉


  6. InTheShadeIvory says:

    They are really nice palettes,i have 350k and i use almost everyday.They’re very similar to crown 😉 x


  7. Only a few weeks ago hopped on the morphe band wagon and got the 35t and it’s been my go-to palette since. The brand is defo worth the hype! https://sittingintheclouds.wordpress.com/2016/11/19/first-impressions-morphe-35t-palette-sitting-in-the-clouds/


  8. I need one in my life!! *SNIFF* Shipping to South Africa is so expensive though 😦


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