It’s Not You It’s Me: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder..

Easily one of my most controversial choices for this segment, no? In all honesty, it did take a while to pluck up the courage to name and shame this cult favourite. This segment continues to surprise you all and leave you undoubtedly confused; and trust me I feel the same. As a passionate beauty lover, I’m always on the pulse of new releases and eager to get my hands on them. You can imagine the disappointment when I deem something worthy to dig into my bank account for- and then to be left absolutely hating it and feeling completely alone in that hatred. Unlucky? Picky? Perhaps. But after having given this particular product hundreds of attempts and excuses, I have to cut all ties; it’s not you Laura Mericer, it’s me…


Now, I’ve mentioned before on more than one occasion that I’m not the biggest fan of the whole baking fad. Granted, I do pat loose powder onto my under-eyes but I brush it away instantly instead of letting the cake rise. A strange technique perhaps, but letting it set on my face just always results in that awful cakey creased mess that this product helped me discover. The translucent loose setting powder had made it’s rounds across all of instagram and every YouTuber; everyone was head over heels. This product had a whole movement behind it, cult followers really. I hadn’t yet considered trying baking, but I decided this product was bound to give me the best first experience possible; wrong. Didn’t take long for me to go out and buy it, and then to be left sorely mistaken. This was a trainwreck from the get-go. I dipped my beauty blender in some of the powder and began to pat it under my eyes- with the first motion I had a disaster. With every pat the product was lifting my concealer with it and moving around, leaving my under eyes patchy and dry-looking. I’ve never had such a makeup mishap to the point where I actually removed it and started over.

Round two. I figured it must have been an error in method. I tried less powder- same outcome. Went back yet again and tried letting it set in place a bit before brushing away- nope. Maybe if I drop the sponge and stick to a light dusting using a brush? Same s**t, different tool. I was lost. This powder definitely helped shed some light on how far my stubbornness will go. I refused to accept that I wasn’t to blame; how could everyone have loved it? I must be going crazy. The next few weeks went by with me occasionally testing it out on days where I didn’t need to leave the house- still disastrous! The closest this product got to being tolerable was on days where it wouldn’t move my concealer but would just leave my under eyes dry and cakey.

This was well over a year ago, and if I’m honest as I write this I’m back to square one; considering trying it tomorrow. So let me know if I’m entirely alone or if perhaps it didn’t sit well with you either (punintended)

p.s. You didn’t really think I wouldn’t address the absolute sham of a blogger I’ve been? I have no excuse except some seriously heavy writers block, and the misjudgment of thinking that avoiding it for a while would help give me a fresh outlook. Simply resulted in four days of ZERO progress. I’m back though, I promise 🙂



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  1. the Unaverse says:

    wow, crazy! It took me ages to buy this powder but then I did and i LOVE it more than anything!! Maybe the concealer you’re using isn’t compatible with it?


    1. I’ve tried so many different concealers! Should’ve mentioned that. Everyone loves it I just wiiiish that could be me haha, I wanted to love it so badly x


  2. itsamy says:

    I was going to go and buy this at the weekend but this review has given my second thoughts!


    1. Haha like I said everyone else has loved it, maybe you should go for it and I’ll find out if I’m the only one haha x

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  3. I totally unsderstand the feeling of trying a loved product and finding out that it just doesn’t work for you. For me, it was the Benetints. I just couldn’t get them to work on me!


    1. Isn’t it just the worse! Also I completely understand! They would just diappear on my lips, I’m not even sure if I’d ever be able to get any product on haha x

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  4. nataliecharmaine says:

    Thank god I’m not alone. I tend to stay away from any translucent powders because of my skin. I have dry skin so I have to avoid most primers and face powders otherwise my skin cakes sooo much 😭😭 great post! Xx


    1. Mmmm yeah that’s wise. It’s so hard to find a good translucent powder even with my combination skin! Also you should seriously try Too Faced’s Hangover prime, that works wonders for my dry patches! Thank you for reading x


      1. nataliecharmaine says:

        Oo I’ll give it a try, thanks 🙏 xx


  5. Tigritsa says:

    I don’t think any one product can be compatible with everyone! I know there are a few products I’ve tried that get rave reviews and yet it didn’t work out for me.


    1. Yeah! It’s so frustrating x


  6. This is good to hear! I have felt the same way about the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, which seems to be the biggest trend for concealer right now. I hate when things seem to work for everyone other than me! I appreciate your honest review!


    1. Yaaaay I’m not alone haha. Oh I had the exact same experience lately with Shape Tape, I loved it at first but lately it’s just so cakey. Thank you so much for reading! x

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  7. It happens, not everything is meant for everyone. I dont’ understand patting powder under eyes, but I have dry skin around the eyes, and I’m older so I dont want to look wrinkled haha. Thanks for the honest review!


    1. I must be getting wrinkles because lately it’s been such a struggle to set my undereyes haha, and if I dont then everything creases- there’s no winning! Thank you so much for reading xx

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      1. Hahah I swear it makes me look old and wrinkled.


  8. Claire Talks Beauty says:

    i love the title of this article ! it happens when a product doesn’t work for us . most of the times it happens to me with the products that all the people are raving about !


    1. Haha I had fun coming up with it- thank you for noticing! Yeah it always seems to be the ones that are most hyped up :/ thank you for reading xx


  9. Marina says:

    I had the same problem. I put the powder on and it actually makes my under eyes look dry and accentuates the fine lines! I was horrified.


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