Lips Worth Melting For…

This is the best liquid lipstick I have ever tried. Bold statement, I know; but I can back it up. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 2016 has been the year of liquid lipsticks. This unassuming liquid packaged in a tube has just been all the rage. A lip gloss that dries matte, essentially. Fascinating. But most importantly, we’ve all fallen head over heels for how well the concept works. I’m struggling to think of a popular makeup brand that hasn’t released it’s own take on liquid lipsticks. We’re at the end of the year, and at this point almost everyone has chimed in with their own release of some rendition of a liquid lipstick. What defines a good liquid lipstick? Some search for the most long-lasting, some prefer a lightweight formula, some want the mattest of the matte, and some would rather a hydrating formula. It’s all debatable, but at it’s core the concept has 3 important requirements; to dry matte, to last long on the lips, and to be extremely pigmented.

I’ll admit, I’ve been the biggest perpetrator of this whole fad. I’ve easily bought 9/10 of all the releases that have come out. I’m definitely the biggest supporter of the “this one will be the best” school of thought. With every release I convince myself of it’s uniqueness and the promise that this will be my ultimate favourite of all time. I’ll admit, I’ve been right a few times. Others, I’ve been left with a patchy dry mess. I’ve talked in depth about my past favourite liquid lipsticks before. At the time, this gem had already been released, but I had managed to finally convince myself I owned one too many liquid lipsticks and couldn’t justify it. I’ve always been an avid fan of Too Faced, they hardly ever disappoint me, but I could not justify it. My sister apparently could. She purchased that annual fall lip we’re all guilty of buying, and I was so drawn to how deep and dark it was that I just had to try it one day. I was smitten…


It’s worth noting at this point, that this dark shade has been claimed to be the worst in the range. Most people who have tried it considered it to apply patchy and to bleed sometimes. So considering that this was the worst they had to offer, and I was this in love, I was head over heels. This applied so beautifully. With most dark liquid lipsticks, I find that I have to apply a few coats to get an even layer. It usually applies too patchy. With one swipe of this across my lips I was good to go. It was perfectly even and instantly bold and dramatic. The pigmentation was unreal. The longevity was easily the best I’ve ever experienced. This stuff would not  budge for hours and many a hot dog. I will admit that about 6 hours into the day I accidentally made a bit of a mess when I tried to fix an edge- that was disastrous. The berry undertone of the dark shade ended up smudged across my cheek and the more I tried to fix it the worse things got. I will say, that my problem was that my mistake was stained on and could not be removed; which is arguably a positive characteristic in regards to it’s longevity. That wasn’t a deal breaker for me, it wasn’t when I bought another and it wasn’t when I added another after that, and it definitely wasn’t last week when I bought a fourth one (not photographed, I haven’t tried it yet).

Considering the intensity of the pigmentation ad how dramatically long-lasting it was; I knew I needed this in every bold colour I regularly use. Red was a must, and the fuschia pink shade was too gorgeous to pass up. I can’t even begin to explain how much use I have gotten out of them. They’re easily the most reliable lip products I own. I know that I can trust them to work perfectly every single time and to earn me about a hundred compliments. The range has the widest variety of shades I’ve seen yet. Everything from classic nudes, a classic red to a bright purple and a deep blue. If that weren’t enough, the packaging just completely won me over. The sleek glass packaging that gets wide at the bottom is just so luxurious and heavy- it’s just everything I look for in packaging. The formula is so easy to apply and just seamless. I’ve never had a problem with bleeding or fading in the center. This will last through eating and stay absolutely flawless. I think this is one of the first products that I’ve owned in a range of shades- that’s how obsessed I am!

Just trust me, you need this in your life ASAP! Let me know if you’ve tried it and what your thoughts were!


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  1. McKenzMorgan says:

    I am so so happy that you decided to do this review. I have been wondering about these and this was such an informative and helpful post. Thank you for your honest opinion 🙂


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