All I Want For Christmas, Is Soft Skin…

I’m obsessed with moisturizing my body. Weird? Creepy to read? I’ll admit it felt a bit creepy to type. But it’s the truth, nothing is more satisfying to me than applying a good body butter or body lotion- easily my favourite part of the day! There’s just something so luxurious and relaxing about it. I would call it a guilty pleasure- but honestly there’s nothing guilty about it, is there? I just love it, ok. I can never seem to own enough, with every season I like to switch up and welcome some new scents into my routine. Winter is hands down the best. All the cinnamon-y, sweet and spicy scents are just absolutely addictive. With Christmas right around the corner, it’s the ideal time to upgrade your body butter collections- with all the Christmas themed scents being released. This winter has been different for me- instead of purchasing a million new scents, I’ve actually re-fallen in love with some old favourites. If you’re a fellow fan of body creams, then I can guarantee there’s something in here for you!

Josie Maran’s Be Comforted Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Apple Crisp 

I can confidently say this is my favourite body butter of all time. Anyone who knows me, knows of the hot and heavy love affair between me and this scent. I want to own everything in this scent. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, it just smells like fall to me. The cinnamon and apple tones are just absolutely gorgeous. As I write this I cannot stop sniffing it. It’s one of those smells that leaves you with your eyes rolling to the back of your head every time! This is probably one of my favourite beauty products I own. Which is hard to say considering it was limited edition! Josie Maran released this last winter and I fell in love with the packaging; the gorgeous metallic red and the pretty geometric shapes just absolutely won me over. So I gave it a sniff, liked it, and picked it up. The more I used it, the more in love with the scent I would get. I think the fact that I’d use it on special days or cozy days also affected how I felt about the scent. The emptier my tub got, the sadder I was about the fact that I couldn’t get my hands on it ever again; so I initiated an intense research. This may seem inconvenient, but this absolutely made my life; they still sell the scent! Now, it’s strange because it’s only stocked in the travel size- but you can find the Apple Crisp scent in travel size at Sephora! So please pick this up and give it a whirl- I can guarantee this will become your go-to winter scent. So this has been a rediscovery this month- and by rediscovery I do mean that I was so obsessed that I stayed away and saved it for this winter!

Kieh’s Creme De Corps Whipped Body Butter

This is definitely an oldie but now-christmas-themed goodie. If I’m honest, I do use this all year round and love it every single time. But when I saw the adorable cartoon Christmas editions Kiehl’s released I just had to get my hands on it. The Jeremyville cartoons are just so adorable I had to include this picture for you to see it more clearly!


This formula is insanely incredible. It’s perfect for all year around but especially for the drier weather now. Out of the three, this is definitely the thickest texture. It’s quite heavy and luxurious so I’d definitely set aside a bit of time for it to dry, but that’s never been a problem for me because the results are so worth it! The silky whipped texture makes it feel super lightweight to rub in, but it definitely is heavier on the skin. What I love most about this is the long term effects it has- I can visibly notice how much softer and smoother my skin is after using this a few days in a row and I can notice the difference when I take a break from it. It’s almost medical, if not magical; it just seriously works to improve your skin’s texture overtime. This stuff is perfect for stubborn areas like elbows- my skin just drinks it up and is instantly improved! Another favourite factor is the scent. Now I know this is slightly controversial, considering the fact that most people’s main issue with this is the scent. Most people claim it’s too sweet and overwhelming; but I honestly feel the complete opposite. It smells like a cocoa butter infused buttercream icing to me but in the lightest way possibly. I hardly even smell it unless I actually sniff it- and the scent kind of fades by the time it dries, so if you’re not one for the sweeter scents then don’t let it stop you!

The Body Shop’s Body Butter in Spiced Apple

Hi, my name is Noha and I’m a Body Shop body butter hoarder. Hoarder, hoarder, HOARDER. I honestly have about 5 backups of my favourite scents and I’m constantly buying any new releases. It’s a classic. They’re one of my absolute favourites body butter textures- they’re so super lightweight but extremely hydrating, and the scents are just so luxurious and beautiful! I always peruse the winter scents but I’ve never been so dramatically attached to any. This takes us back to the first product I listed, when I read that Body Shop released a “Spiced Apple,” scent my jaw actually dropped. Could it be? Could this be my long-searched for dupe of the Josie Maran Apple Crisp? Yes, yes it could be. I believe my BFF can confirm that a shriek was involved when I first smelt it in store. Now this isn’t identical, I’d describe it as a little spicier with some cloves involved, and a little more apple-y. But I’m more than happy with it. Finally, my absolute favourite formula in my favourite scent of all time. There’s a chance that, wait for it, I might like it a little more than the Josie Maran. The Body Shop have seriously outdone themselves this year, and the scents are incredible. Also, did I spot a candle in this scent? TAKE MY MONEY.

So there’s the round up, let me know if you’ve tried any of these or what your favourite Christmassy scent is 🙂



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