Have Yourself a Merry Little Red Lip…

Christmas is all about red. Red baubles, red stocking socks, red decorations; but most importantly, red lips! Christmas is finally here. This month passed faster than any, I think we can all agree. We’ve all tried to squeeze in as many suggestions and as much prep as possible; but it’s finally Christmas morning and officially too late. However, it’s not too late to talk about our makeup for the day! It’s finally time for us to all whip out the infamous bold red lip to complete our entire look. The elusive Christmas red lip is a special occasion, one that can’t be taken lightly. You need just the right red not that “Scorsese Red,” Cameron Diaz warns us against. You need serious longevity, the kind of longevity that stands a chance against stuffing, turkey and all the Christmas puddings you plan to stuff in! So, before it’s really too late, I thought I’d try to force in my two cents on the two perfect red lips I’ve personally set aside for this day!


Too Faced Melted Matte in Lady Balls- I’ve raved on and on about this product here, it’s easily my favourite liquid lipstick formula. This shade is particularly my absolute favourite, and especially considering the occasion. Lady Balls is the perfect Christmas red. This true blue red is exactly what you need today. It’s especially flattering on fairer skin tones like mine, but paired with a darker lip liner as a base can transform this lip and make it universally flattering. I especially prefer using a darker lip liner to give your lips more dimension and give the illusion of plumper lips. This will last you seriously long, although you may find you need a quick top up pre-dessert. This one makes it to the list because of how gorgeous the colour is, but where longevity is of more importance to you…


L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Frisky– This bad boy lies as a perfect middle between comfort and longevity. This isn’t to say the previous one isn’t long-lasting; but let’s just say you’re going to need all the waterproof-makeup-remover you can get because this sucker will not budge. While it’s been out for a while, this has been a recent discovery for me in the aisles of Forever 21, and I haven’t definitely kicked myself for taking so long to try it. While this gives a powdery comfortable finish reminiscent of the Lime Crime Velvetines, the longevity this gives is actually unbelievable. This red is slightly warmer than the other, and it’s definitely lighter. But this orange-undertones red can look seriously gorgeous with a warm shimmery eye look- and if that weren’t enough, the longevity is insane. Especially given that I decided to test out a bold red lip for the first time, it’s a shock that it still impressed. This did not fade or budge, despite a shamefully greasy meal of Chick-Fil-A, followed by my seriously trying to rub this off with a tissue. This red lip refused to remain anything short of perfect throughout it all.

P.s. Merry Christmas!! It’s finally here, and I can finally stop attempting and failing at blogmas.


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  1. Too Faced melted mattes are seriously AMAZING! I love this post, red lips are a christmas staple


  2. Great review. I have one in the shade Dreamy, buy I haven’t tried it yet.


    1. Ooooh sounds lovely. Thank you for reading x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. M says:

    Love these picks!


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