It’s The Most Wonderful Scent of the Year…

It’s time to set all that Christmas hoop-la aside, and embrace all things winter minus the glitter and trees. We have a few more months until flowers and blooms are sprung upon us (see what I did there) and I personally love all things winter, so I’m going to bask in it. Now, I’ve never claimed to be a lifestyle blog, but at this rate I think we can all agree that candles and beauty go hand in hand. Personally, the former comes out on top pretty often. I’m an avid fan and lover of all things candle-related. Seasonal scents just give me all kinds of life! There’s one particular scent that I wait all year to break out the next winter. This is hands down my favourite wintery scent, I want to be completely and always surrounded by this scent. All day. Everyday.

Marshmallow fireside is possibly one of the strongest, most distinct of all BBW scents. It manages to find the perfect balance between sweet and musk. Now, let’s all give me a chance to attempt and fail to describe the scent. It is described to smell like a mix of marshmallows, smoldering woods and warm vanilla. Honestly, while I don’t think anything can quite describe it, that comes pretty close. It has some deep and sophisticated tones but the roasted marshmallows smell comes through to give it a subtle sweetness.What I love most about this is the tobacco-ish scent, I say ish because it’s not fully cigarette-smelling. It’s more of a campfire scent- absolutely gorgeous.  The best part of this scent is how strong it is and how much it seriously fills the room- even simply removing the lid from the candle allows the scent to spread. I make sure to stock up on this scent every year, but this year things were different…


Considering my obsession with candles, I was surprised to fall so deeply in love with its alternatives. First, the BBW room sprays. These are the strongest, most potent forms of scents you can get there. One spritz can fill the room so intensely for a good hour. I love always having one of these nearby- you know, to make my dream come true of basking in the scent all day!


BBW Wallflowers are basically plugs that you insert little bulbs filled with scents into, and the scent is then dispersed subtly into the room. Kind of like an oil diffuser. I decided to give them a try, I was drawn to the gorgeous white plug anyway and they had an offer on the holiday scents. So naturally, I bought one marshmallow fireside to give it a try. After a day, I ended up rushing back for another 4. Now, I’m not yet ready to completely let go of candles; but these wallflowers have seriously transformed my life! I just love having my room constantly smell of marshmallow fireside, and the refills last so dramatically long; I’ve had one plugged in continuously for 2 weeks now and it’s still only halfway through!!!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Claire Talks Beauty says:

    i have never tried this room spray! it seems really interesting !


  2. yvonnelindiee says:

    I wish I had a Bath and Body Works in Scotland but we dont 😦 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ljoyner327 says:

    I just ordered a lot of stuff from Bath and Body Works for their sale! I didn’t even notice these! I might have to get more! lol


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