Ghosts of Friendmas Past…

There’s nothing quite like Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of the year (heavy on the cheese, yes?). While inherently a religious holiday, it is infamously celebrated by all. There’s just something about the twinkly lights and stuffing that breaks down any barriers to it being universally celebrated. Under the spell of vlogmas-watching and blogmas-reading, my friends and I decided to have our own little Christmas; tree and all. Chicken was ordered, stuffing was made and eggnog was poured (and almost instantly thrown out). We laughed and loved all evening, and it was beautiful. But aside from the emotional hoopla- one very amazing thing Friendmas bought was all of the beauty goodies. Consider this post an answer to the question; what do you get when you have three makeup-obsessed ladies and a Friendmas?


Gifts were exchanged, but I think here I’ll stick to the beauty themed highlights. Apparently my friends have been avidly following my Spiced apple as much as you lot have, because I received not one- but two of The Body Shop’s Spiced Apple holiday sets! Not to mention a Spiced Apple candle thrown in for balance. Apparently my friends got their wires crossed and ended up each getting me the same gift haha. I can hardly blame them, I had only recently returned from my perusal and purchasing of Ulta and Sephora’s finest in the US, so there was hardly anything left for me to want. Despite the cringe and horror on their faces upon realizing they got the same gift; I was over the moon. You open a gift you absolutely love and know you’re going to treasure and save to use on special occasions, what more could you want than to have backups all ready for you? I was ecstatic! These along with some blog related merchandise and a kate spade tumbler I had been eyeing for ages- it’s safe to say my Friendmas was made and I was happy as can be, but there was more…


Now while traditionally these products would be found in a stocking filler, we skipped that step and instead left my friend responsible for filling two rounds of Christmas Crackers with all kinds of goodies. The Christmas Crackers were the stars of the show. The products photographed below were only my share of the crackers, so you can only imagine what else was stuffed in there! It truly was a Nicholas Sparks-esque scene when the three of us pulled the crackers apart only to see Nars and Jo Malone’s finest pounce across the room. It couldn’t possibly get better, we thought, until the next round revealed Glamglow galore and lashings upon lashings of mascaras! Pure and sheer joy, more than I’d ever experienced haha! So all in all, Friendmas was certainly a hit (*whispers* yes, the Nars velvet glides are as good as everyone says!).


3 Comments Add yours

  1. kadigoodall says:

    Ah! I want to try the NARS lip glides so bad!! I’m happy you made out well this Christmas 🙂


    1. They’re insane! I’m working on a review of them soon so stay tuned :). Thaank you so much for reading xx


  2. Ela Kaimo says:

    Seems like your Christmas was a blast! The gifts you got are awesome!


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