Broke but Wrinkle-Free?

While we all patiently wait for that fountain of youth- skincare seems to be the answer to all of our problems. Anti-aging creams have proven to be some of the most expensive products in the skincare market; firming serums and wrinkle-clearing serums can go as high as $300- but why? What is it about luxury skincare that lures us in to willingly drop hundreds of dollars? An infamous myth surrounding the beauty world is that if you spend more on it, it is going to work better. Over the past few years it’s grown clearer and clearer that more affordable brands are likely to have similar if not identical results. I touched on this lightly in a recent haul, discussing how I’ve been trying out more affordable and less well-known brands. So, I thought I’d go more in depth about the topic. As it turns out that more and more cheaper brands are actually owned by the same people and produced in the same factories as luxury brands, the question began to arise; is that $120 moisturizer really all that better than the $20 one? Many factors contribute to answering that question, and that’s what we’ll attempt to cover today. So how about it, is it really worth skipping those few extra meals for that firming serum?

What Are You Really Paying for?

The fact that some quality drugstore anti-aging creams exist, raises the question of what you’re dropping that extra 100 for. While we all convince ourselves we’re paying for higher quality ingredients and more effective ingredients- that’s not always the case. While sometimes it may be true, more often than not you’re practically paying for the same product with more luxurious packaging and marketing. It’s often speculated that sometimes what’s really being paid for here is that heavy glass bottle you’re holding or Kate Winslet’s face plastered across the posters.

Another factor is considered to be the retailing process. While some cheaper brands sell directly to the consumers, the market is filled with brands that sell to distributors that then sell to a retailer that then reaches us. This process is costly and often explains the high prices- whereas that cheaper product could in fact be of the exact same quality.

The Good, the Bad and the Equal

Another contributing factor to why it’s not necessarily worth spending that extra cash is that the playing field isn’t that different. Yes, some cheaper anti-aging products can be seriously terrible and do more harm than good; but so can luxury brands. Higher end brands also put out hits and misses- perhaps not as much, but the baddies do exist. The quality in some expensive products might not be as high a quality as other, and the exact same goes for cheaper brands. This all just goes to show that the same theory can be applied to products that actually work. Just as luxury brands have some miracle products that actually works to prevent aging and fill in fine lines- some cheaper products have the exact same chance of being that good.

Which brings us back to the question; is expensive anti-aging cream more effective? The answer is definitively no. Yes, some of the most expensive anti-aging creams do work extremely well. The problem here is simply that cheaper brands can too. There’s an equal chance of finding something that works for you in both arenas- what really counts is what’s in it. Researching the ingredients and benefits an anti-aging cream has is how you can find the right one for you- whether it costs $20 or a small fortune is entirely irrelevant to its effectiveness!



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  1. Daniela says:

    I did pay once £500 for 4 products (it was the first time I weby our with a friend after having my daughter) from a spa skincare range and I have to say that even if the products were not nad, the difference from my usually drugstore set was not that dramatic to justify the price gap, so I told myself I am never gonna waste my money like that again.


    1. Ahaha so glad you feel the same! I must say, even though I see the logic I still can’t seem to stop splurging on expensive skincare! Cannot fix my mentality. Thank you so much for reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

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