Sun, Sand & Slay…

Well into January, it’s all about winter. Skincare for the drier months, cool makeup tones, winter glam tutorials; and yet, clearly I didn’t get the memo. There’s no better time than the winter to get away for some vitamin D. So whether you’re inspired to take a sun-filled vacay, or live somewhere lucky enough to be warm in January- this tutorial is for you! But the best part of this look is that it can work for anytime of the year where you find yourself wanting a dewy/glowy look! This has actually been my go-to look recently; Bali or no Bali. I’ve been really loving a hydrating glowy look for the colder months! So if you want to learn more about my go-to glow up essentials- keep reading!


Step Up Your Prep

These first few steps can define your entire look. I’m a firm believer in how much of a role your prep can play. I tend to plan my primers around what finish I’m going for- that step honestly has more impact than changing your foundation in and out. For this glowy look I like to take as many steps as possible to ensure a seriously hydrated and dewy base for the rest of my makeup to sit on. I begin by spritz-ing some of the Pixi by Petra Hydrating Milky Mist all over my face and letting it sit. Next I like to infuse even more moisture with a simple daily moisturizer- and for this look I chose my Alpha-H one with SPF 50 for some extra protection. This moisturizer always leaves my skin feeling smooth and poreless so it’s a  must for me. Finally I spray on some of my holy grail Tatcha Luminous skin mist- this step definitely packs the most punch and I like to go back to it to set the entire look at the end too!dsc00275

All About That Base

It’s best to keep things as light as possible in this step. I personally suffer a lot of scarring, so don’t worry I’m not about to suggest some tinted moisturizer- while that is often suggested, I simply can’t afford to get away with such little coverage! So if you’re like me, this post should finally answer your prayers. I’m a little late to the L’Oreal Pro-Glow hype, but I’ve been obsessed lately. This formula is so lightweight and hydrating, it’s very watery and blends away into nothing. It’s one of the few foundations I have in the mix right now that gives me a second-skin finish while also packing some serious coverage.The tiniest amount of this goes a serious long way, and it’s very build-able so I’d suggest starting with a light layer. For concealer I like to go in with it cosmetics CC+ concealer because it works amazingly with the Lóreal foundation. It’s equally as lightweight and hydrating but it has some amazing colour correcting properties which work gorgeously under my eyes.

Now, something strange I like to do with this look is skip the bronzer and go straight to blush. But that’s only because on this vacation my skin has gotten pretty bronzed up and that shines through the thin layer of foundation I’ve been using- I’m also going for a natural finish so I’m trying to minimize the products going onto my face. I prefer sticking to Milani’s luminoso because it kind of bronzes up my cheeks anyway. This blush works beautifully at giving my cheeks a natural glowy flush- I prefer peachy tones for a glowy look anyway. Finally, the highlight of the look (quite literally). I’ve been trying out Becca’s Moonstone lately instead of my daily bae Champagne Pop, and it’s actually been working gorgeously. I worried it was too light, but it gives the most natural highlight that catches every light! I like to pack this on to the tops of my cheeks, my cupids bow, the tip of my nose and a quick brush on my forehead. Then I give my skin an extra spray of Tatcha before moving onto the eyes.


Simple & Warm

I personally find that when going OTT with the glow, it’s best to keep things simple on the eyes. Honestly, I prefer when people go for nothing but a bit of mascara on the eyes with a glowy look, but I definitely don’t have enough definition on my eyes to get away with that. After packing on my Wet n Wild Eyelid Primer- I cannot go without a wash of white shadow across my entire lid as a base. This is seriously helpful for blending and letting colours pop more- lately I’ve been loving the shade Foxy in this palette for that purpose. Next I like to dip my brush back and forth between Faith and Lockout, tap off excess and blend that into my crease as a transition colour. Then I pack on- and I mean pack on– the shade Extra Bitter all across my lid for the most gorgeous rich warm look, and I instantly have a beautiful warm smokey eye. To give my eyes some depth, I like to take some of Lethal on a brush to deepen my outer V. Then I use what’s left on my brush and brush it across my upper lash line to make my lashes look a bit fuller instead of opting for a full=on liquid cateye. Finish the look off with some Moonstone in your inner-corner to really elevate the glow! I like to keep things light and natural on the lashes, with only a few coats of Scandal Queen’s Fairy Drops mascara. The tiniest bit of this can pack some serious length and volume- while holding a curl all day long! This gives my lashes the most natural looking flutter which I absolutely love for this  look!



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  1. Omg your products are amazing. Love that doundation, the blush. Love the post in generally 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


    1. Thank youuu! And thank you so much for reading 🙂 xx

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  2. nandaispanda says:

    Great post, the products sound amazing. 🙂


    1. Thaank you so much for reading xxx


  3. Such a helpful and brilliant post, the blush especially looks gorgeous!! Hope you’re having an incredible time on your holiday xxx


  4. Love your pics!! 🙂


  5. I love your posts and photos!


    1. Aww thank you so so so much that means a lot xx


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