Lush Haul

I’m addicted to taking baths. No, honestly, I will easily take a bath daily whenever I have the time. There’s something about soaking in a tub of hot water….Said no one ever. Let’s be real, there are some very necessary steps that make a bath so lust-worthy. It’s the candles, it’s the bubbles, and most importantly it’s that coloured glittery water you’re lying in! Lush has come to be known as the queen of all baths. A bath is simply not complete without the fizzle of their bath bombs or the drama of their bubble bars. The soothing aromas and moisturizing oils just make taking a bath one of the most pleasant and relaxing experiences out there. I’m personally going onto 5 years of this intense addiction. I cannot seem to get enough, nothing excites me more than picking up a lovely Lush combo and knowing I can take a long bath at the end of the day. I felt I should introduce how unhealthy of a relationship I have with Lush to prepare you all for a post you’ll be seeing a lot of: Lush hauls! Winter is possibly when Lush thrives the most. Their Christmas themed releases are adorable and probably some of their best products. So a Lush haul is very necessary right now; here we go!


On my first trip to Lush I decided to just stock up on a few old favourites. The Twilight Bath Bomb is a must for me, this one gives your bath a dusty rose/purple color with some shimmer like a starry night! The scent is very floral to me, you can definitely smell the lavender in it which is especially soothing and relaxing for a pre-bed bath. I’ve always loved So White and in a recent Zoella video she mentioned that they’d changed the formula and colour, so I decided to go for it. This is one of the most moisturizing bath bombs I’ve used in a while. A Christmas classic, this smells like crisp apple, which you all know is one of my favourite types of scents! This bath bomb contains bergamot and neroli oils which give it a deep soothing scent. The only difference I noticed is the scent, which has definitely become stronger which I love! This will make your tub a gorgeous green/blue and honestly I need to stock up on more of it while I can, because my skin has never felt softer! A bubble bar is a must with every Lush haul, so this time I went for a classic that I’ve actually never personally tried (I’m mostly a Comforter kind of gal). Rose Jam is, as it sounds, a very strong rose-smelling bubble bar. This surprisingly gave me even more bubbles than my Comforter which I did not expect. I’m not a big fan of rose scents, but this wasn’t too offensive; the mix of rose with lemon and cocoa butter toned it down. Using this in conjunction with So White was just the ultimate duo- this bubble bar is also seriously moisturizing and the cocoa butter in it just elevates the effects of So White, and I’m loving it!


Are you really surprised that I went back for one more So White? It just had to happen. But other than that, I wanted to experiment this trip. When it comes to Lush I often stick to what I know and love, but lately I’ve been watching a lot of Lush hauls and been lusting after some unusual products. I’m all about color, the more the better when it comes to bath bombs, so when I saw The Experimenter I knew I had to try it. The exterior of this alone had enough color to draw me to it (it definitely photographed a lot more underwhelmingly so I’ve put in a photo below). I’ve been saving this so I haven’t actually tried it yet, but it claims to smell of vanilla and tonka which sounds like me in a bath bomb. This promises -and I think we can already tell- to give the bath vivid and swirling colours, and it also contains popping candy which is just too cute!


Now, while it’s hard to tell, that orange mess was a Pumpkin once upon a time. It got smashed up on the way home, but take my word for it. Now I was surprised to find such a Halloween themed bath bomb in store at this time of year, but more so that it wasn’t the typical glittery pumpkin that Lush release every year. I’ve read reviews and this bomb smells very fruity initially but then lets some vanilla and cinnamon come through which sounds like a dream. The Ickle Baby Bot was definitely a very Zoella inspired purchase. I’ve always been so curious about this bath bomb, mostly because of the unusual shape and size. When I found out that this bath bomb works to help you unwind and get sleepier, I knew I needed it! I have serious insomnia issues so I’m always willing to try out anything that can help. This smells like lavender, chamomile and sandalwood which all whisper relaxation! The sleep inducing essential oils in it promise to prepare you for bed, which I’m super excited for!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. annasbeautyspace says:

    I love Lush!!! Seriously such a great brand!


  2. Karalee says:

    I love the Twilight bath bomb!


  3. Nicole says:

    Lush is such a fantastic brand and taking a nice long bath at the end of a hectic day is just so nice.


  4. Ela Kaimo says:

    How I wish I had a tub so I could soak in it!!


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