Best of Beauty 2016- Makeup Edit (100th Post!!)

We all knew this moment was coming. Granted, I waited long enough; but better late than never, right? In all honesty, I knew my 100th post was coming up and I thought it’d be special to save this beauty round-up for then. It doesn’t hurt that I knew you’d all be kept super busy with the billions of other Best of Beauty’s you had to read haha. I’m super excited for this to be my 100th post, it’s the milestones like this that really make you reflect proudly and give yourself a pat on the back for sticking it out and really pursuing your dream. Alas, that’s not what we’re here for. With January coming to an end, it is really setting in that it’s actually 2017. There’s nothing like a Best of Beauty round up to really make you reflect; and I clearly over-reflected. It was honestly impossible to narrow things down to one product per category, so here we are. I tried my hardest, and I promise I won’t ramble on as some of these products have already had their 15 minutes on my blog. I will point out that this is only the beauty, and I’m working on my skincare/bodycare favourites to have that up soon too. So here we go, let’s reflect!

Prep + Base


Clearly I got a bit overexcited here. The truth is, 2016 was the year of switching up my base for me. Not a single product here has been used in 2015, I had stuck to the same staples for as long as I could remember and 2016 just had so many amazing releases that it was just perfectly timed. A few I’d like to specifically point out is the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist which I’m sure will be featured in many Best of Beauties, it’s just the most gorgeous and luxurious step to give you that extra dewy glow, I love spraying this before makeup instead of setting with it to give me a glow from within. You all know my hot and heavy love affair with the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir , a day hasn’t gone by without me using it. I love this as a moisturizer and first step to my makeup, but it’s also gorgeous to pat on top of my foundation to really smooth it out. Benefit’s Matte Rescue Gel is about to earn itself the title of the first base product I’ve ever repurchased. I never ever seem to work through primers or foundation, so for this to have been used so heavily that I need to repurchase it is a pretty big deal. I mix this daily with my old holy grail the Too Faced Hangoverx Primer to give me a perfect mix of natural matteness and hydration.

Foundations-wise, we all know my obsession with Maybelline’s Fit me Matte & Poreless this is definitely my holy grail foundation of all time and I’m on my second bottle which is super exciting! The Lóreal Pro-Glow and the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea have also been staples in my makeup routine, honestly I’ve just been interchanging the three daily depending on how much coverage or glow I want. I think it’s safe to say that Tarte’s Shape Tape has found it’s way onto everyone’s Best of Beauty post, and it’s definitely earnt it- this concealer has been life changing, it is the perfect balance between full coverage while still being hydrating for me, it’s just the best of both worlds. But more recently I’ve been reaching a lot more for my Too Faced Born This Way concealer, it’s just a lot more hydrating and leaves my undereyes looking super supple which I love!

Face Powders


I actually stuck to what I know in 2016, I only experimented slightly. The Sephora Bronzer is the oldest beauty product I own haha, I got this ages ago for a birthday and it is nowhere near finished and I use it absolutely everyday. This is the perfect shade in between a taupe-y contour colour and a gorgeous bronzer. Considering that I don’t really contour, I find that when I put this on my cheeks it helps chisel while also warming up my complexion. The Estee Lauder Blush in Pink Tease has been my favourite for 2 years now, it is the most un-me shade,a bright bright baby pink that I find applies so beautifully and gives me the most natural frolicking-in-the-snow flush. It kind of inspired my purchase of the Kat Von D Shade+Light Blush in Mickey & Mallory , I decided it was time I tried to venture out again into a seriously light pink blush and this worked even more beautifully. This one is definitely more on the pink side, and a lot more pigmented. I never thought I’d even use blush as regularly as I do now, and lately I’ve even been going for a really intense bold blush look- which is just so unusual for me! The RCMA No Color Powder has obviously also been a shining star last year. Honestly, I never really love a translucent powder, they all make my undereyes look too cakey but a bitch needs to set so this gives me the most natural and non-dry looking under-eyes so this makes the list!



Honestly, do I even need to discuss? I’ve definitely spoken way way too much about every single one of these. My Makeup Geek palette will always be a fave every year, I did choose each individual shadow of course. No matter how many different palettes I use daily, I will always use this for at least one or two steps. The same goes for my Morphe 35O which is just possibly one of my most prized possessions- favourite formula and the shades are just a dream. Modern Renaissance has been a favourite for me, I’ve been so overwhelmed with palettes that I actually haven’t used this as much as I had hoped but it is definitely still a palette I love so dearly and consider one of the best releases of 2016. My Jaclyn Hill Face Palette had to be on here, although if I’m honest I mostly just reach for the Champagne pop in here, as I write this I’m realizing I should honestly experiment more with the blush shades in here. God only knows the becca packaging has made sure I cant use Prosecco Pop because of course it completely shattered within a week of me buying it- hate that about Becca! Yes, I know The Kyshadow Palette in Burgundy is a bit too recent to include but honestly I had to. This has been my absolute favourite purchase of 2016 and I cannot get enough of it- as you all read yesterday!

Lips, Lips, Lips!

dsc00351Luckily for you all, I’ve actually written blog posts dedicated entirely to pretty much each of these products, so I think I’ll save us all some time. One honourable mention has to go to my Body Shop Lip & Cheek Velvet Stain in 05 which is an adapting colour that’s black but tints your lip, this gives my lips the most gorgeous bitten lips look and I use this every single day at least a million times- I think it’s discontinued which is going to be pretty problematic for me soon! We all know my deep love for Too Faced’s Melted Liquid Lipsticks and Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits and Lip Glosses but I’ve definitely raved on for too long about them!



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  1. You have a lot of great favorites girl !

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  2. Beauty Everest says:

    So jealous of your makeup collection 😩 great post!!

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    1. Ahahaha it’s been years and years in the making trust me haha. Thank you so much for reading!! xx

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  3. Congrats on 100 posts!!! You’ve come a long way. I totally love all your palettes!


  4. summer says:

    So many things to write about x


  5. stella says:

    I want to try that Tatcha mist now 😍 Lovely post!

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    1. You absolutely must! It’s so pricey but actually really worth it, haven’t tried anything like it! Thank you for reading love xx

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  6. Mrinalini says:

    These look like amazing products, want to try out all of these!


  7. malnicole13 says:

    So many of these items are on my wishlist! I see a sephora haul in my future!


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