Bath & Body Works Haul

That last time I talked about Bath and Body Works on here, I had decided I was done with my days of hoarding candles and was going to stick to their wallflowers; clearly I didn’t see their 50% off sale coming around the corner. I have a weakness for candles, I really do. As much as the wallflowers were working perfectly, there was just something about burning a candle that I missed. Have I completely lost the plot, or do you completely relate to what I’m saying? A bath isn’t a bath without candles, and we’ve all acknowledged my love for baths. But more importantly, I had gotten into a kind of routine of lighting a candle every time I sit to write- there’s something so therapeutic about it and relaxing, it just helps me to gather my thoughts and regroup. Or of course, maybe I’m just a candle addict that finally cracked. Either way, here’s a big haul for you; the biggest problem here is that this is just the first batch, I’m still planning to go back and stock up on more!


Let me get the non-candle related stuff out of the way first. You’ll read later about my Endless Weekend obsession, and considering the fact that shower gels were 75% off I had to stock up! The freshness of this scent make it absolutely perfect to wash with, and honestly I think shower gel is my favourite Endless Weekend form. Now, for my recent discovery. Blue is my favourite colour, and the packaging of Jingle All The Way was so gorgeous but I always worried it would be too sweet and sickening, but considering the fact that I’d always wanted to try the Shea Swirls and they were 75% off I decided to give it a whiff. This is the  most gorgeous indescribable scent, it’s listed as “a merry blend of iced clementine, sparkling snowflakes & blue spruce,” but to me it just sounds like the perfect cross between fruity and desserty. It’s honestly impossible to describe, but I was obsessed and decided to go a bit overboard!


Let’s first deal with the scent I’ve talked your ears off about. Coming into spring, I expected to go for light floral scents- but that’s just not me. In Bath and Body Works I always lean towards autumnal scents or really fruity ones- no in between. Marshmallow fireside is my ride or die favourite scent of all time. It’s a deep and sophisticated scent with an undertone of burnt marshmallows. I cannot even describe it, you just need this in your life! If you want to read more about it look here.


Let’s take a fruity little break. I usually use the BBW sales to stock up on my candles for the year, I don’t tend to ever buy candles full price haha. So, despite my very autumnal tendencies, I knew I’d regret not getting at least a few fruity scents. So I picked up my two favourites. Endless Weekend was my holy grail for ages before Marshmallow Fireside came around. This was always my go to. I had the shower gel, the moisturizer, the mist and tons of back up candles. It is just the most gorgeous unique scent. Now, this isn’t fully fruity, it definitely has undertones of coconut and mandarin but I would never describe it as fruity. There’s also a bit of vanilla in it, and the combination just makes such a comforting light fragrance. It just is very uplifting and genuinely makes my mood a bit happier when I have it burning! Tiki Mango Thai is definitely very fruity. This is also an old favourite, I figured I’d stick to what I know. This is a tropical blend of mango and coconut, but I mostly smell a very intense mango sorbet kind of scent. This spreads in my room beautifully, it’s not too overpowering or sweet it just gives the room a refreshing clean scent.


Back to my gloomier scents which I’ve been loving. These next two purchases are actually oldies but new discoveries for me. I decided to experiment a little and try out some candles I thought might be on par with my marshmallow fireside. I’d seen the scent Leaves for years but never even smelt it, the second I took a whiff of this I was in love. It has the most beautiful deep apple crisp scent. You all know my obsession with spiced apple scents- and this was perfect. It’s definitely more on the spicy side, I don’t really smell apple in it but it just reminds me of my apple crisp scents. This is has a cinnamon-y sweet scent while also so accurately smelling of autumn leaves. It’s just what I needed and I thought it was a new holy grail until I just discovered this next one…


My life has been changed. I had a direction in mind for this article. I was going to rave on to you all about how amazing Leaves is and how it’s the highlight of this haul- then I decided to light Sweater Weather as I write this. I was in store with my sister and she mentioned that she had always loved this, and when I smelt it it honestly smelt like crisp air on an autumn morning and just had the coziest vibe that I decided to give it a try. The second this smell started to spread a few minutes ago, I was eye-rolling-back-into-my-head obsessed! I actually just texted my friend to work in a mall-visit to our plans today because I had to stock up on this while I still can! I genuinely worry that I will only end up burning this scent for as long as I can! I have never been so instantly obsessed. This has the most gorgeous scent, it genuinely feels like a breath of fresh air every time I inhale. It is actually magical. It just makes you want to curl up with a blanket on your couch and watch Gilmore Girls and eat comfort food. Honestly this is your comfort food in candle form! I cannot stop inhaling it. It’s fresh and clean and crisp, it contains eucalyptus, sage and juniper. But it really just smells like comforting nature. I cannot describe this because I’m too obsessed- give it a whiff if you can!




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  1. Lise says:

    Sales can be our best friend and our worst enemy at the same time x


  2. Omg those candles ❤ it’s sad we don’t have a retail shope of bath and body works here in the Philippines 😞


  3. Healthy_Glow says:

    Wow you did get a lot lol


  4. Nice haul! And I completely get what you mean about the “gotta be a candle” thing. I love Twisted Peppermint during the holidays, but it has to be the candle, not a wax tart, because there’s just something the fire or the flame adds to it. Now, THAT sounds weird!


  5. ksloves says:

    Girl you are speaking my LANGUAGE. I will never not be able to walk into a Bath & Body Works, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s etc. without picking up a damn candle. So. Satisfying. ❤


  6. I just can’t go into a bath and body works store – the scents just overwhelm me, but every time I go to a store that has candles I have to stop and smell them all – it’s very therapeutic 🙂 Thanks’s for sharing.


  7. everlastingnikita says:

    I haven’t been to bath and body works in a long time which is a good and bad thing.


  8. I am now craving a trip to bath and body Works you don’t know how bad!!!


  9. Hi again 🙂 I recently nominated you for a blogger recognition award 🙂


    1. Heyyy thank you!! I’ll get on it asap 🙂 thank you so much xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome 🙂


  10. I wish they had Bath & Body Works here in the UK! I absolutely love the place! I’m so jealous of your haul 🙂 I can only take one or two items back in my suitcase when I travel to the US as they’re so heavy hahaha!

    They all sound amazing! Love this post! xx


    1. Haha trust me I completely understand the struggle! Was so happy when my sister moved to the US so I could always stock up haha. Thank you for reading xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

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