Sleep Your Way To Flawless…

Our bodies do their best work overnight. While we try to get some rest, our body is putting it in overtime and ensuring that everything is functioning naturally. The same goes for our skin. Have you ever wondered why some days you wake up with a new pimple? Or perhaps on other days you wake up with plumper skin, how do you explain that? Even simpler than that, have you ever wondered why there are so many products in the skincare arena that are especially expected to be used at night rather than in the daytime? The fact is that your skin is working it’s hardest to repair and rejuvenate while we sleep, and so it is our duty to provide it with the tools to do so. Personally, night time skincare is my favourite kind. I often find that overnight creams or masks are the most potent doses of treatment and one of the only steps that actually shows me visible results overnight. Whether a pimple treatment, or just a quick shot of hydration- I slather it on at night and wake up with new skin! I struggle to strictly stick to a morning routine, but come what may I will commit to my million step night time routine every single night, no matter where I am or how tired. I swear by overnight masks and night creams, they’re usually heavier and my skin tends to just drink them up while I sleep and give me the quickest results. So, here are a few of my holy grail quick-shut-eye-fix products!


Let’s start with a category I’m often not too enthusiastic about; hair. I’ve always said that when it comes to hair care, I’m only ever really excited for hair masks because they yield the best results. I’ve always wanted to try applying an oil into my hair overnight or any treatment to let it really melt into my hair and give me results- but there’s just something about the hassle of laying a towel down on your pillow and then it still somehow seeps through and you’re left with a huge mess; not for me. I decided to give this one a try since it is formulated to be used overnight so I figured it would be less of a mess. Once I tried this I was obsessed. You apply it to dry hair and distribute evenly from your roots to your ends, it’s really lightweight and feels like a moisturizer more than a mask. It blends away into your hair and leaves it just feeling like it has product in it rather than a heavy thick layer of oil or cream- I do put a towel on my pillow just in case, but you don’t even need to! Wake up, rinse it out and wash your hair and your life will be forever changed!! I can visibly see how this restores and repairs my really damaged hair, you can see a lot less breakage and my hair feels softer than ever- I don’t even feel the need to style it. I’ve only used this a couple of times and I can already see the long term improvements- definitely going to make this a weekly thing!


This product has seriously changed my life. I got sent this ages ago with a package of K-beauty and I haven’t been able to put it down since. I’ve been using it about 5 times a day for almost 6 months now and I’m still not even close to finishing. This tiny tub is all the product you need- and this is 200% the best lip balm I have ever used. It’s meant to be an overnight lip treatment, but honestly it’s so good that I use it whenever I can. When I apply this at night, I wake up with the plumpest, smoothest and softest lips I’ve ever had. It’s actually unreal. The effects are instantly visible and overtime I’ve noticed I can’t even remember the last time I had chapped lips. I love the bubblegum scent to this, and the texture- it’s very lightweight and gel-ish while still being intense and feeling like a mask rather than a lip balm. This has transformed my lips and I swear by it!



I think this may have been my favourite discovery of 2016. Bear with me, because I really struggle to describe the magic that this is. This year Glamglow came out with this overnight mask that promises to give you Hollywood skin overnight. It is literally the definition of gimicky- which is why I was so shocked that every one of it’s promises are true! This is a two step mask, first you apply the lighter white cream onto your skin and let it set before applying the thicker grey/silver cream- both of which smell phenomenal by the way! This has been the product that has worked the most and been worth every cent for me this year. You will 100% wake up with flawless skin! Now, not in an unrealistic/almost surgical way haha, I just mean that you will see improvement in every way possible. Your skin will be plumper, smoother, you will have much less texture if you suffer from it, breakouts will have toned down and your skin tone will be clear and radiant. This is genuinely a miracle product and I don’t use it that often because it is sacred to me haha, and I worry that if it’s too commonly used my skin will get used to it and it will stop having such dramatic effects!


The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask has been in my collection for years and it will always be my go to dose of hydration. If your skin is ever feeling dry or congested, just lather this on, get some sleep and your skin will completely drink it up and be left back at day 1 baby skin. It seriously hydrates and I can just feel how much my skin loves it. It has a lovely citrus-y scent that I love and it feels lightweight on my skin. Definitely a regular in my routine, and I still haven’t gotten close to finishing it!


Now this is an old but recent addition. I used to use this way-back-when it was all the hype, and I did love it but then again my skin wasn’t struggling as much as right now. I’ve noticed it kept coming up so I decided to repurchase it and see if it would help with my recent texture and breakouts. Now I’m not sure if it’s this or a combination of new products, but the past couple of days I’ve been noticing a big difference in my skin. Texture is going down and some of my scarring is slightly fading. I’m going to stick to this and just have it as my go-to night time treatment because it feels luxurious and I want to see if sticking to it will help it work better.


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  1. Honestly, I need all of them. I didn’t even hear about the glam glow mask and I am a SUCKER for overnight treatments


    1. It’s life changing, honestly!! Thank you so much for reading!! xx

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