It’s Not You, It’s Me: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

You’ve all seen it. That little glass bottle with a strange separated concoction inside has been everywhere for a couple of years now. It’s earned itself the title of the holy grail pimple treatment of all time, and it’s grown to have its own little cult following. From beauty influencers to YouTubers to Kylie Jenner -everyone seems to love this! So what is it about this highly coveted bottle that is so magical? The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is an acne/blemish treatment that promises to completely dry out your breakouts overnight. It claims to be one of the most fact-acting solutions, giving you instant results. It promises to do so while soothing your skin and avoiding any irritation that you can get from most acne treatments. So after being so hyped up for so long, I decided to give it a try- and here’s the verdict.


In case you haven’t come across is, the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion comes in a tiny bottle filled with a separation of liquid on top and a pink powder-looking sediment at the bottom. Surprisingly, the tick is to not shake the bottle and to keep everything separated then dip a cotton swab all the way down to pick up some of the pink sediment and then dabbing that onto your pimples before sleeping. You are then supposed to wake up with a completely shrunken and dried out pimple- the results are meant to be instant! I bought one to share with a friend because we were both just curious. We had just done a lot of struggling and our skin was looking a little worse for wear. So we popped some of this onto our breakouts and rushed to a mirror the second we woke up to see how things had progressed; nothing had happened. My pimple was noticeably the exact same as it was the night before, it hadn’t tried out or toned down and it definitely didn’t feel soothed at all. I decided to be persistent and I continued to use it for a couple of weeks since it wasn’t necessarily doing any harm; but there was no change.

The lotion did nothing for my pimples. That’s not true actually, overtime I started to notice that it was causing way too many dry patches. Anywhere I had applied it would be left with crusty peeling dry skin surrounding the pimple; the pimple that was still there by the way. It didn’t help that my skin was seriously struggling during this phase so I would wake up with new pimples everyday and rely on this to try to fix it and I was just consistently disappointed. So much so, that I ended up giving it to my friend and just needing to stop. In all honesty, I think things started to get a bit better once I stopped. My pimple recovery time went back to normal which isn’t exactly fast, but I started to notice it’s a bit faster than the time when using this; which made me think it was actually slowing down the healing process and just drying out my skin. Not a great combo.

So there are my two cents. This product was definitely not worth the hype, and as always I’m sure it must just be me considering the fact that everyone swears by this stuff. Has it worked for you? Or, is there another pimple treatment you swear by? I have something coming soon, a comparison between this and a pimple treatment that I think may actually work- stay tuned!



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  1. It’s calamine powder and greatly helps with redness and drying out pimples 🙂 great post!


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