Trippin’ With Tarte: Brand Spotlight

With a makeup collection growing day by day, it gets harder and harder to stick to the same products everyday. Brands release new products at such a crazy rate that my bank account can hardly keep up. So many different brands with so many amazing releases that I think we can all agree that our collections become a mish-mash of products ranging from every brand out there. I rarely notice that I have more than 4 products from the same brand. So, when I do recognize the same brand name popping up in my routine numerous times- I realize it deserves some appreciation and love. To get myself to give more brands the recognition they deserve, I’ve decided to start a series of brand spotlights so I can try out more same-brand products to give an entire review of the brand as a unit!To kick things off, I instantly knew the one brand that completely has my loyalty and trust and quite a fair share of my money.


Tarte has always been a love for me. From their gorgeous vibrant packaging, to the team whom I love (love their snapchat), to the fact that I have loved every single one of their products I’ve tried without fail. I’ve always really appreciated their whole vision, but over the past year they’re really upped the anti. They’ve been releasing some amazing ranges ever since last summer, and they’ve really gotten on everyone’s radar with all of their promotion campaigns (the Trippin’ With Tarte holidays are my faves, can you tell from the title?). They’ve just really grown into themselves and in turn they’ve been giving us some bomb ass products! If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while, you’ll know how frequently I use their products but I thought I’d throw in this round up and point out some of my personal favourite highlights of their collection!


Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blushes have been a part of everyone’s holy grail blushes for years now. I think they may have been one of the first products to get Tarte such a huge following. The formula on these is gorgeous and they genuinely do last all day long as promised- the shade range is also really wide and I’ve loved every colour I’ve tried. The Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation has been hyped up for as long as I can remember, this powder foundation is supposed to be a really lightweight natural way to get full coverage. I’ve always been curious but I’ve only recently tried this out. I’ve only tried this lightly on top of foundation as a powder and it’s been giving my skin a gorgeous finish and diminishing some texture, so I’m liking it so far. I’d love to try it on it’s own but I’ve never ever used a mineral base so I’m a bit iffy about it.

The Rainforest of the Sea collection is easily my favourite Tarte collection. Everything in this range gives my skin the most gorgeous, natural, hydrated finish. My holy grail concealer of all time was the Rainforest of the Sea concealer, but I think I’ve mentioned here that I dropped it and it’s shattered and since I’m no longer in the US I haven’t been able to stock up. The skincare in the range is lovely too, the Drink of H20 moisturizer is perfect before makeup or as an overnight hydration mask, my skin just really drinks it up and it helps minimize  my pores. The Gifted Mascara is another oldie but a goodie, I only just discovered it last summer and it was my holy grail for  months- so much so that I actually repurchased! Now, the Tarteist Pro-Glow To Go Highlight & Contour Palette is a very very recent purchase for me, as in last week. So I’m still forming my opinion on this, I will say the formula is gorgeous- super creamy and pigmented.


I’ve always been very drawn to Tarte’s holiday releases. Every year around the holidays they release a huge palette that comes with some minis of their products- the packaging is always beautiful and the palettes are lovely. This year they especially wowed me, I loved everything about this. First of all I love that the shadows are round and not their typical squares, but most importantly this is one of the most gorgeous shade ranges they’ve ever offered- so many colours that I would definitely use daily. Then, they really send it over the edge and throw in a contour, blush and highlight palette- each of which are so buttery and gorgeous. Then a mini Tarteist mascara and a lip product, and then a BRUSH. They just really went all out and I’ve been loving this everyday since. Then, of course I couldn’t write this post without an honourable mention to the Tartelette in Bloom which I feel is the face of Tarte in a way. This gorgeous versatile palette has won the hearts of many, and though it is old this will always be a holy grail palette.



9 Comments Add yours

  1. Lise says:

    The tartelette in bloom is so good!


  2. Michelle says:

    I haven’t tried tarte yet! Think I need to be changing that! Great post.
    Michelle xx
    IG: @shellie_belle_


  3. Jo De Vivre says:

    I bought the tartelette in bloom palette in New York and I love it! Such pretty wearable shades xxx


  4. I recently picked up the Tartiest Pro Palette and I am in love, I’m working on finding less intense looks for my office, but colors are just so dang pretty I end up full glam each time 😉


    1. Omg I want it so badly, the metallic shades look so so gorgeous!! Thank you for reading xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  5. So pretty! Excited to try to shape tape! It’s everywhere!


  6. Love this! I’m coming to America next year (which is sooo long away) but already have a long list of Tarte products that I want to pick up xx


    1. Yaay- you’ll love them honestly!! Thank you for reading xoxo


  7. Imma says:

    I haven’t tried Tarte. I am tempted to do so after reading your review. Thank you


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