Love At First Light…

Every once in a while comes along a revolutionary product that claims to be a miracle in a bottle; with time, we’ve grown skeptical. With every new release I find myself questioning the claims and comparing and contrasting to past products with similar promises; now if only I were skeptical enough to stop buying every new release! However, sometimes every once in a blue moon, comes a product that wows us all. A product that genuinely delivers on every single one of it’s promises. A product we deem our holy grail and stick to religiously for years, repurchasing however many times needed. It’s hard to find this prince charming of makeup, and more often than not it could be everyone’s holy grail but you could hate it (as we all know, I’ve had my fair share of those moments). It’s like the perfect man, we’ll persistently keep trying till we find the right fit. Sometimes, and I think some of you can relate, even after finding the perfect one- we just can’t seem to quit the search.

Becca has always been one of those luxury Sephora brands that I completely trust. They deliver almost every time and I can trust that they will always give me results. So when the opportunity arose for Influenster to send me some of their new releases, I shrieked for a good 2 minutes and then accepted. I had no idea what was coming my way, but I definitely wasn’t expecting this. I got sent their newly released First Light Filter Face Primer, a Soft Kabuki Brush and their Soft Blurring Powder. This was one of the craziest, most impressive PR packages I had ever received so I was over the moon. It took me a while to get my hands on them since they were delivered to my sister in the US, but I’ve finally gotten them. I haven’t fully tested them out but I thought I’d share my first impressions and then check back at a later date for a full in-depth review.


Now I’m not huge on trying out new brushes. It’s possibly the one category of my makeup where I stick to what I know, and I don’t tend to test out any new brushes. So I wasn’t super excited when I saw this. However, I have always been curious about kabuki brushes and I don’t have one in my collection. I knew I wouldn’t use this with any of the other products sent, so I started by testing it out for bronzer and the story ends there. This blended in my bronzer more beautifully than any brush ever had. It perfectly and lightly fit into the contours of my face and just instantly blended out, this gave me zero harsh lines and I didn’t even need to seriously buff anything out. I’m looking forward to testing out a blush with this, although I worry the bluntness of it might not really work for that- we’ll see.


In the era of baking, it’s all about the translucent powders. Considering my hatred of the Laura Mercier one, I’ve been hesitant to try out any new ones. But the second this Soft Blurring Powder was announced, I knew I needed to get my hands on it. This powder promises to be a wearable filter, blurring all of your imperfections and eliminating shine while still giving a subtle radiance. Sounds pretty obsession-worthy, right? Well my first impression of this bad boy isn’t too great. I’ve only tried it twice, first I applied it under my eyes with a damp beauty blender as I do with most translucent powders. This gave me a similar effect to the Laura Mercier; I felt like it was moving product on my face, and it just gave that patch of skin a cakey/oxidized look which stood out from the of my skin. It wasn’t a great look. So the next time I went in, I just dusted it lightly all over my face to set my foundation- much, much better. This just lightly set my makeup in place and did have a slight blurring effect. I’ve been going through some better skin days so it’s hard to tell if this was the product to thank for the blurring. I did like the feel, it was very lightweight on my skin. I’m going to keep trying this out and see how things go!


Finally, the star of the show. Becca has come out with a primer before; their Backlight Filter Primer was loved and raved about by many. It claimed to give your skin radiance like no other, and although I didn’t try it it did look gorgeous on everyone! I was over the moon to finally get a chance to try out one of their primers when I received this. The recently released First Light Filter Primer promises to diminish bad skin days. It is supposed to be skin-awakening and leave your complexion fresh, awake and hydrated. Yes, yes, yes, and yes! I have only used this once and I am completely smitten already. This reminds me of my Too Faced HangoverX only in the sense that my skin instantly feels better once I put this on. There’s nothing I love more than instant visible results- and this gives them! My skin looked so luminous and felt super hydrated instantly, now I don’t know about blurring imperfections. It did help blur out a fair amount of pores, but I still had some texture issues. I cannot wait to keep trying this and to fall deeper and deeper in love with it!

*disclaimer* these were sent via Influenster, a platform that sends budding beauty influencers new releases for free to test out. My opinion is completely my own and I am not getting paid in any way shape or form to write this.



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  1. kentesbeauty says:

    loved this!! always love reading reviews on stuff i’ve reviewed and this was great, well written and super informative!


    1. Aww thank you so much!! Thanks for reading xoxo


  2. CayleeRenee says:

    More makeup to add to my wish list! Great post as always! ❤❤


  3. Ela Kaimo says:

    I’m on the hunt for a good primer and this just looks fab.


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