A Little Lush Love Affair…

The big day is finally here. Love is in the air, and whether you choose to spend today with your significant other or a loved on; the odds are you’re surrounded by something pink or red. I’m definitely not one to argue that Valentine’s shouldn’t be considered a special day or a holiday; I love all things Valentine’s! Now I’ve been single every single one, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from enjoying the special day and it shouldn’t stop you! I could write an entire post on ways I’ve celebrated Valentine’s day and special little moments I’ve had every year, but let’s focus on the now. To end the fun-filled day I have planned, I knew knew knew  I would indulge in some bath goodness. We all know my obsession with Lush, and when their valentine collection came out this year I lost my shit. The cutest releases, and I decided to pick up a few to share the night with me. I bought these ages ago so I’m super excited to finally write about them and enjoy them!! As you can see, I practiced some unusual restraint and stuck to three but let’s work through them and pick the one for tonight (can’t promise I won’t get over excited and take three baths with each one. Yes, I’m that obsessed).


Let’s start with the most Valentine-y one. Rose Bombshell is easily the prettiest out of the three and the one I was instantly drawn to. I can already tell I’m going to  love this and want to go back to stock up on some more before the season is over. This reminds me of Sex Bomb because of it’s intense rosey scent and the fact that it releases rose petals. I think there’s a good chance I go for this one just because of the petals element. It’s super brightly coloured which I also love in a bath bomb. This also contains rose oil and mineral sea salts which makes me think this’ll work miracles for my skin! Love love love.


I meaaaan, how adorable? The Cupid bath bomb is just the cutest little creation I’ve seen Lush come out with. This one smells intensely berry-ish which is right up my street. This is filled with powdered rose petals and raspberry juice. The smell is what’s drawing me most to this, I love how fruity but also slightly floral this is. It smells really calming and relaxing which I love!


Now for the most amazing smelling bath bomb I’ve tried in a while- Lover Lamp. Let’s start with the cuteness. The little hearts are just so adorable. This smells so vanilla-y with some cocoa butter undertones which just smells so luxurious and I love vanilla scents right before bed, they always leave me really sleepy (strange?). The cocoa butter in this makes me think it’s going to be the most moisturizing out of the three which sounds like just what I need right now! This is white, but I’m hoping it contains some other colours or that the hearts spread colour- either way I’m sure I’ll love how this leaves my skin feeling!


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  1. Melrika Blog says:

    You created such a cute concept with the pictures! Love it! Happy Valentine’s Day ❤


    1. Omg thank you that means so much! Thinking of ways to take photos is my favourite part of blogging haha. Thank you for reading xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Melrika Blog says:

        You’re very welcome dear! And I totally with you about pictures: it’s always the best part and often the one we are most proud of 😉 -xox-


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