Brand Spotlight: Botanics- The Power of Plants (Frugal Feb!)

With such a vast range of drugstore/high-street options on the market comes an even wider range of unknown brands that aren’t given a fraction of attention. We all have the same kind of mentality that if we’re going to opt for an affordable brand, it’s going to be a well-known one. The discrimination is real, and rightfully so. This stuff is going on your face, you’re obviously not going to slather on a $2 serum that you’ve never heard of. It is safer, and definitely wise- but sometimes some true skincare heroes fall under the radar when they really shouldn’t be. I recently discovered one of said brands. Developed in collaboration with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Botanics by Boots combines passion, expertise and nature in luxurious, affordable skincare solutions, leaving beautiful and more radiant looking skin. This brand is natural-based and works to bring you amazing ingredients at an affordable price point. I’ve always noticed this brand at my local Boots, but I only recently decided to buy a bunch of products in the range which I mentioned here. I’ve been loving these products lately, so I thought I’d give it a moment in the spotlight and highlight how well this stuff works!


The Hydration Burst 3-in-1 Micellar Cleanser is definitely one of the highlights of the entire brand for me. I had recently ran out of my Garnier micellar water and I was looking for a new step to remove my makeup, I’d been trying out some balms and oils but I decided to pick this up anyway for the sake of trying the brand out. This is honestly the highest quality makeup remove I have ever used- it’s comparable to a Dior waterproof eye makeup remover I loved years ago. It removes my makeup so so thoroughly and well, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated instead of stripped. Super sensitive on my eyes, no burning or blurred vision at all. This removes my waterproof and heaviest duty of makeup- so impressed by this and I’m definitely wanting to try some of the other micellar waters in the range!


This was possibly the one miss of the range, but even so it isn’t that bad. I was most excited for this. The Instant Moisture Mist claimed to hydrate your skin and absorb in seconds, I was most excited because it contained brightening hibiscus and natural AHAs to exfoliate the skin which sounded absolutely amazing. What I don’t like about this is the spritz, it’s very intense and comparable to a deodorant and it’s a bit offensive. Other than that, I do notice that it takes a while to be absorbed and my skin stays wet for a couple of minutes. But, that’s not to say the product doesn’t work! This is one of the most intense doses of hydration I’ve found in a mist, it’s definitely heavy and I’d never layer it on top of anything, but I do love it when I’m home with no makeup on.

botanics-creamsI’ve mentioned that I’ve been recently really struggling with a lot of scarring and breakouts, but I’ve been most concerned with dark spots so I’ve been looking for brightening products. I decided it would be the perfect timing to pick up the All Bright Hydrating Day and Night Creams and although I haven’t noticed any drastic improvements in brightening, I have been really loving these. They haven’t broken me out and they always leave my skin feeling smoother than ever, and I think they’ve helped a bit with texture too.

botanics-maskNow, this product is one of the first things I ever heard of from the brand. Their Ionic Clay Mask has gotten a lot of attention from my favourite YouTubers as an amazing drugstore/high-street mask, and one of the best out there. So I was most excited to try this. It definitely feels amazing to use, it’s really smooth and dries comfortably and is super easy to remove. I can visibly see this improving my skin, it’s been really helping with my oiliness and it deeply cleanses my skin and my pores. It’s like a less intense/harsh version of my Glamglow Supermud.

Then, there’s the Triple Age Renewal Eye Cream which I’ve also been loving to use daily. Nothing too dramatic here, it does the job and leaves my undereyes feeling hydrated and I’m hoping it’s preventing some wrinkles!

botanics-rosewaterLastly but certainly not least, one of my favourite products from the range is this Rosewater Toning Sprtiz. I love to have a rosewater mist in my collection at all times, and usually I prefer a natural Rosewater because it seriously helps with my skins texture and breakouts. So, while this isn’t completely natural it is actually the closest I’ve found in a skincare range, and I’ve been loving a spritz of this everyday while I writer!




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  1. Healthy_Glow says:

    I have the rosewater mist and somehow it is a bit irritating on my skin so I only use it sparingly now. But glad it’s working for you!


    1. Awww no, sorry it didn’t work for you! Thank you so much for reading 🙂 xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Healthy_Glow says:

    I also feel so many brands have come out with good micellar water. Good post!


  3. I have a few products from this brand and for the price they are really good! Like you they haven’t broken me out either!x


    1. No breakouts is always a huge selling point for me haha. Thank you for reading babe xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. sudershana says:

    A very interesting read it is!


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