The Mask Edit (Frugal Feb)

Throughout the drugstore/high-street’s entire growth over the past years, something’s been lacking. There’s been a niche that every brand had failed to fill- and apparently they all came to that realization in 2016. Over the past year we’ve all witnessed a dramatic increase in affordable skincare brands releasing many varieties of masks. From sheet masks to clay, today I’m going to cover what I consider to be the highest quality/ best affordable masks out there- trust me, I’ve tested enough to know by now!


Let’s start with the least recognizable and random-est mask discovery. I’ve never really been a fan of Soap & Glory skincare, all of their products sound exciting but they all seem to irritate my skin or not do anything. Something about their products always feels so chemical-y and prone to breaking me out! Then I discovered The Fab Pore 2-in-1 Mask & Peel. I realized this product had to make the list the moment I noticed that this was the first mask I have ever religiously used twice a week. I tend to choose random masks depending on my needs, but this one is a recurring must in my routine. This feels so luxurious. It reminds me of a Skin Inc. peeling mask I’ve used before where you massage this into your skin and then leave it on for 5 or 15 minutes. This feels insanely cooling on my skin and it just improves my texture like crazy. I can feel my skin craving it every 3 days, it just really deeply cleanses and peels away dead skin. Obsessed!


We all know I couldn’t have written this article without discussing the Lóreal Pure Clay Masks . These are the drugstore’s answer to Glamglow. Finally, finally we can find an affordable clay masks. The drugstore/high-street was seriously lacking in clay masks and so when Lóreal released three, everyone lost their shit- myself included. I picked up these two, the Detox & Brighten and the Exfoliate & Refine because they both sounded like just what I needed- and they were! I love love love these, the red one is especially super exfoliating and they both are just definitely worth giving a try!


When I think about the price of these, I can’t even fathom how amazing they are. These are possibly one of the cheapest skincare products out there and they work amazing well! The Tony Moly Sheet Masks have been a cult favourite of mine for ages and ages now. They just work so perfectly to do everything they say they will, and for that cheap you really can’t lose. My favourites are the Clear Skin and the Elasticity . Also, fun tip: you can find these in Urban Outfitters or Ulta- but I buy mine on Amazon and get a set of the entire range for $10!!!


My first impressions of the Yes To Tomatoes Paper mask were a bit confused, the mask is infused with tomato extracts and salicylic acid- and when I first applied it the scent was so strong, and when I say strong I mean it kind of burnt my eyes if that makes sense. So at first I was worried it would break me out even more or that it would be too harsh, but the opposite was what happened. It was seriously one of the most soothing sheet masks I have ever used. It helped calm down my angry breakouts and also the results were visible instantly- my skin looked fresh and clean and it helped any discoloration.If the immediate results weren’t enough, I noticed the next morning how much my breakouts had gone down and how soft and exfoliated my skin felt.This stuff is seriously magical and I instantly went out and bought about 10 because I know that whenever my skin is going through a rough time or needs a pick-me-up this will be my go-to.



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  1. ljoyner327 says:

    Great post! Love face masks!


  2. janahpinku says:

    You take such nice, crisp photos. Care to share your photography tips? Btw, lovely post! 💕


    1. Aww thank you so much I really appreciate tht!! I’ll definitely write a post about my photography- so stay tuned 🙂 xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. janahpinku says:

        Yay! Gonna watch out for that! 💕


  3. I didn’t even know L’Oréal released face masks! I think I might go and try it!


    1. They’re amazing you’ll love it!!


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